March 30, 2009

Interesting numbers of the stock market

A few interesting coincidences in the DOW and S&P 500 index numbers.

On 9-29-08, the Dow fell 777 points, this was the big headlines and the big first crash of the bear market.

On 3-6-09 (the date is a once-twice-thrice or a hop-skip-and-jump, if you will) the S&P 500 closed on at an all-time low for the last decade at 666, the number of man.

On 3-23-09, less than three weeks after the DOW touched 666, the DOW closed way up at 777x (7776 if you round).

On 3-27-09 the Dow closed at 777x, (7776 if you round), the same as on 3-23-09 and just 21 days after the S&P closed at 666.

My interpretation is the S&P 500 at a low of 666 was a turning point.

My other interpretation is the DOW with 777x, shows the Lord’s number of perfection which is 7.

I am NOT into numbers in general. But as an old scientist who likes math and patterns, I find these patterns more than coincidence.

March 27, 2009

Stock market prophecy: "The shorts will lose their shorts!"

Many investors and traders are calling this rally a bear market rally or a short-covering ralling. In my prayer with the Lord He said, “The Dow was not supposed to go into the 6000s, the number of man. The short sellers dealt violently with my people, they dealt harshly. So I will deal violently and harshly with them! As the Dow went down violently, so I will raise it violently! I will raise the Dow to 8200 in April [rather than May]. I will raise it this [coming] month! The shorts will lose their shorts!!”