September 14, 2012

A word for this time: Separation, Goshen

I clearly heard Jesus Christ, Yeshua, speak before I went to bed and had to post this tonight.  Sometimes there is an urgency and tonight I must post.  He said, “I am shaking that which is not founded on Me.  I am blessing that which is founded on me.  There is a separation.  Do not be afraid!”

This is a spectacular time to be living, dearest friends.  We are blessed to witness what our forefathers dreamed of in terms of Yeshua moving in mighty ways.  Can you imagine?  A time when the contrast between darkness and light is amplifying and startling?  A time where believers are protected and even supernaturally prosper in Goshen (Genesis 47:27)?  Goshen has been on my mind as many of my believing friends are looking to move to a safe place out of the country.  I am planted here!  The Lord has shown me my Promised Land here and I am not moving but declaring my intention to enter it and take it back from the occupiers!  Maybe I sound cocky, but no more confident and headstrong than Caleb or Joshua, I hope.  I am not moving but planted!   With Christ in me I will see the enemy move on!  It is the Lord’s victory.  I could tell you stories of some of the personal enemies being thwarted and turned away in my life by the Lord’s hand.  True miracles.  But I’m talking about America, here.  We are Jesus’ people and don’t care about polls and opinions.  Or imminent wars.  We care about Yeshua and His supernatural abilities to shake, shake, shake things up.  And we’ll be standing after the shaking!!  Do not fear!  Don’t look at the waves like Peter but look at Jesus' face and walk on the water.  There are two worlds.  Which do we choose to live in, just as the Israelites trusted in their Lord?  I can feel the faith of the church and the faith of Israel strengthening and converging in these stormy times until we find ourselves looking at the same magnificent face of YESHUA.

When I’m not worked up as in the last paragraph, I am in a place of immense peace in His presence and witnessing His moving.  I’m planting a beautiful garden in the natural which I believe is a type and shadow of the spiritual.  I don’t have the funds to advance completely into the Promised Land and occupy all for His sake that He has laid on my heart.  My occupation right now is only partial.  Some major bills are due in two months.  I smile, without a care, because I have been in this place many times before.  He’s the Provider, not I.  Yesterday, out of the blue someone told me they had a referral fee they owed me and were going to send me money.  I didn’t have to do any work for it. 

On another investment, I’ve been in a position to invest that could very well usher me into the Promised Land I believe He has put on my heart, and all that I have desired to purchase for His glory, to create a place of spiritual refreshment and encounter for others.  I have dreamed of this day for years and I can feel the breakwaters of the tide coming in.

If you notice, the DOW is going to 14,000, with the major pullback in spring, just as prophesied.  To Him is the glory because the vision came from Him and not pizza imagination.

I can’t say anything else as I have said what I believe He wanted me to say. There is a separation going on in the world.  A separation.  There are spiritual Goshens present as well.  Here is a word of wisdom, “The only place it did not hail was the land of Goshen, where [those whose only rock is Yeshua] were.” Exodus 9:26 (NIV)