August 15, 2017

Dow to 40,000

Since the Dow reached 22,000 per the January 28 prophecy, I have been open to prayer and listening to the Lord. I was surprised to see the number 40,000 for the Dow more than once. Obviously the Dow is going up from here if it will eventually get to 40,000. That does not mean there will not be dips and I am buying the dips. For example I bought in the recent pullback and I expect there will be more pullbacks.

I was very relaxed in prayer today and heard this little ditty:
"40,000 is not that high. You would think the US is touching the sky. With engines running the future will be an economy humming with prosperity."

There you have it, the future is bright. Much like many of the prophecies I've heard from the Lord before over the years.

I don't know about you but I'm entering a time of increased rest and peace and prosperity in Him. Yoking with Jesus and having the patience He does to wait on the Father, and having his loving attitude towards mankind I find is key. I'm obviously not even close to his Divine attitude, but I'm learning.  And as my soul prospers in Him, so the rest of my world prospers, including those around me for whom I pray. The Bible does counsel from glory to glory by his Spirit. I'm stopping to smell the roses with those I love and care for. The Rose of Sharon has a sweet, sweet aroma that can transport one onto it's redolent wafts and into that place of peace that passes understanding.  I wish you transcendent peace and prosperity.

Update as of August 17, 2017

I realize I didn't give a time frame because I don't have one other than years.  Today I bought some bullish market and sector ETFs on the dip.  You might put SPY, DIA, QQQ, and IWM on your watch list.  I expect to buy and hold 7-10 years.  There are double and triple market ETFs as well that you can research.  But please be aware double and triple market ETFs are designed for shorter term trading and have much greater volatility and what some people refer to as decay.  You should carefully research and understand the advantages but also the heightened risk and volatility of double and triple ETFs before you trade them.

Update as of October 12, 2017

I heard, "The market is going to correct. Take that as an opportunity to buy long for the DOW going to 40,000." You might consider SPY.

Update as of October 16, 2017

I sent the following email today and thought it would be helpful for me to share my thinking with others:

Thank you for your email and I agree in general with all you say except “Significant amounts of money could be made in just a day or week in some cases.”  You will see my clinging to how Proverbs instructs to be patient and not looking for quick profit in what I share below of my own painful experience.

For whatever reason, the Lord knows, I happened to receive accurate revelations about the big bull market we've had for the last 8 years.  My painful experience is I lost my six figure profits I made on the bull run the first few years by my changing my investing strategy into one of looking for even quicker and bigger gains.  So I sold my quality, publicly traded stocks.  And I took on vastly more risk, stupid risk, in penny stocks and private ventures which I NEVER should have bought.  Penny stocks are close to worthless and have very low volume for a reason.  And professional venture capitalists are experts in doing diligence on private ventures, but I was and am not an expert.  So I lost all my six figure profits and then some.  I also know another prophetic individual who is friends with publicly known prophets and, like I did, he also made a huge amount of money in the stock market then lost all his gains on penny stocks and private ventures.  Proverbs counsels how wealth is gained with patience, not with speed or get-rich-quick schemes.  The latter will cause you to lose what you initially made because greed and/or lack of wisdom have taken root.  If I can offer any advice on what NOT to do: (1) don’t EVER buy a penny stock, stick with stocks or ETFs that trade on major exchanges, (2) don’t ever buy a stock or ETF that trades under 100,000 shares a day, and (3) don’t ever invest in a private venture, even if you think you can trust the management team.  I can tell sob stories of the supposedly high integrity management teams not caring at all about the initial investors and letting them lose everything by bankrupting or abandoning the first company.  Then the management team restructured a new, related company which became somewhat successful but the original investors in the first company had no ownership interest.  It happened to me twice.

After my painful loss, I took years off from investing in the stock market and stuck with real estate investing, which I know well.

This year I began investing in some leveraged ETFs (SOXL, TECL) since the spring and am up about 47% in SOXL and 17% in TECL.  In fact, I lost some significant upside because I had fear during the tech stock correction on 6/9/2017 so sold everything at that time and bought in at higher levels.  A simple buy-and-hold would have been far better.

So the lessons for me over the last many years have been to (1) believe what I hear for the long term (e.g. is the market going up or down long term) and (2) don't get shaken out by fear during corrections but use corrections as buying opportunities.

For me personally, I want to buy during any correction (3%, 4%, 5% market correction?  I don't know but don't think it will be huge) leveraged ETFs like SOXL, TECL, XIV, and maybe FAS.  Look at the multiyear charts of those leveraged ETFs.  Assuming the market close to doubles in the next 5-7 years to 40,000 (time frame is not revelation, just my guess based on past prophetic experiences), then investing in leveraged ETFs might go up 5 to even 10 fold.  Invest $50,000 and a handful of years later your account could well be worth $500,000, likely at least $250,000.  That is a TERRIFIC return for wisely investing, not fussing with it, and letting it grow with the market.

I did this research:
In 7 years, from 2011, the Dow doubled from 11,000 to 22,00
Over that same time the following ETF’s increased by:

Please educate yourself about double or triple leveraged ETFs.  They reset each day and are highly volatile.  If the market doubles, it does not mean a double ETF of the market will go up 4 times, it will go up less because of how these products are designed.

I hope to use my wisdom to recognize a market correction when it happens (such as SOXL or TECL pulling back sharply, perhaps dipping 10-15%) and buying some more.  And then holding for 5-7 years and being patient.

Update as of February 2, 2018

 The Dow fell 666 today.  Remember when the low on the S&P hit 666 on 3-6-2009.  Very interesting.  Here is my previous post about interesting numbers in the stock market: