February 21, 2012

Dare, Dare, Dare to be Rock Solid Confident in His Love for You

I watched a famous TV preacher and healing evangelist on Christian TV.  He led a song, “Hallelujah”, so I joined in worship.  Then something snapped in the spiritual and emotional realms for me.  I had been dealing with excessive lowliness and, you could say, mild depression last days and weeks because of some fierce pressures on me personally.  I couldn’t understand how God could say and show so many prophesies and visions through me about America, the economy and its stock market that were unfolding just as He said and yet my own life, well, seemed to be going the polar opposite to what I thought He had shown me years ago.  Sort of like Joseph getting sold into slavery and thrown into prison.  Or David hiding from Solomon in caves.  But for me the personal pressures had gone on years so I began thinking I could only hear accurately about broader arenas – such as America and the economy – and not about me personally.  I share because I sense in the Spirit that you have also felt, perhaps are feeling now, the self-doubt, sometimes crippling self-doubt.
Something snapped in me while I was singing “Hallelujah”.  The spiritual air around me became expansive, free and saturated with goodness. I understood something exceedingly simple, “If you love God that is proof beyond all doubt He loves you with powerful passionate love because your ability to love Him flows from Him.”  Religion inserts commentary learning, tests, grades, judgment, “The Law” against which you are measured.  But all that is hogwash compared to Jesus’ loving you and you loving Him, that circle of precious eternal passionate enormous love.

Dare to have the strong confidence He loves you more passionately than you love Him.  Dare.  King David knew it.  The apostle John knew it.  Were they loved more than others who loved God?  No.  They simply dove further into the love spa, the love fest, that circle of precious eternal passionate enormous love with their Lord Jesus Christ.  It’s a ring, a circle, just like a wedding ring.  It’s not one-way.  And if you have one-way glasses that magnify your love for Him but are feeling trickles back, then take off your glasses and step right into His love for you.  Be confident in His love for you.  Step on in.  David and John didn’t just love God.  They knew they were loved powerfully by Him.  They stepped on in and received that embrace from Christ.  So I ask you to dare.  Dare.  Dare to step on in and be rock solid confident in His love for you.  Because that precious eternal passionate enormous love is all yours, He wants to give it to you.  It’s a circle, a love knot, a wedding ring around your heart.

Dare to know you are the one Jesus loves as powerfully as an intimate spouse and closest companion.  Dare in the face of those perceived as spiritually superior to know God loves you as much as they.  Yes, as much as those who have impressive spiritual gifts or are unusually prospered.  Dare, in the face of those acting spiritually confident and self-assured, Christian TV is full of the confident and rightly so, to say you, too, are the disciple Jesus loved.  Jesus loves you just as much as they.  Just as much.  Just as much.  In fact, you have every right through your relationship and love with Him to be self-assured in Him.  It’s about His love and your love and trust, and your love and trust never will be perfect.  But His is.  Simple.  Very very simple.  It’s the gospel.  Step into His enormous love for you personally.  Dare.

Dare to be confident you are uniquely loved just like the apostle John was confident.  Just like King David was confident.  Dare.

I hope I’m helping to break off some self-doubt, mild depression, and not-good-enough gunk here because being bound by that nonsense is not who you are or how He loves you.  You have the right, the invitation, to be confident in one thing, being the disciple whom Jesus loved.  You.  You have the right, since the apostle John and King David understood this truth, to exalt yourself out of self-doubt and depression and into the confidence of being adored by Him.  This is your rock:  His love and your knowing it.  If you don’t feel His love just continue the circle around, because you can’t continue loving Him if He doesn’t also love you.  All this talk in the church body of crowns getting stolen, going here and there spiritually, doing this and that to prove your spiritual gifts, all these spiritual calisthenics to prove how close you are to Him and how much you love Him are crippling people, I believe.  I would forward that maybe, just maybe, there would be phenomenal eruption of goodness in His church body if each and every person was rock solid confident how much He loves them personally.  If we were all like King David and the apostle John.   Imagine how solid – out of rock solid confidence in His love for each of us – we would be in our love for others?

One last comment.  I had one clear, simple prayer today, given I admitted I’ve had a mild depression for a couple weeks.  Here was my prayer, “Lord, please give me a gift to show me you really love me.”  Do you think He answered my prayer?  He will answer yours.