November 5, 2013

Say "Yes"

What if money were like oxygen?  You don’t know where it comes from but it’s there when you inhale.  In fact, you don’t even have to think about it, it’s just there.  God provides the oxygen we breathe.  He is Jehovah Jireh and provides our finances as we rest in Him (Hebrews 3 and 4).

I’ve noticed Christians, including myself, are not good at receiving material blessings.  Spiritually we are sponges and can’t get enough of spiritual wealth.  But when it comes to material blessings we wonder if we are presumptuous, managing our finances well, following the Lord’s will, and second guess if we are hearing Him correctly.

Last night I wrote down the material blessings of this year.  I’m aware of the spiritual blessings but I thought I should consider what happened materially.  I was shocked at all the Lord has done in the last months.  I had finally shrugged my shoulders to the bank account, which has hovered in a low altitude range since 2010, and simply trusted, in faith, to fix things and purchase things anyway.  Money just moved around and was there when I needed it.  I never ran out, like the jars of oil that kept flowing (2 Kings 4).  In fact, two things that at first appeared to be financially disastrous in the natural ended up becoming huge financial blessings (Romans 8:28).  He used the bad circumstances to bless me above my imagination.  Isn’t that how our Father is?  Wow, silly me how I looked at the situations at first.

Now, you may say this is another prosperity gospel message.  It’s not.  I realize when I’m a very happy Christian, bubbly with joy, I bless others even more.  People want to be around me even more because I share from my both my spiritual and material blessings.  People want to come to my house, where they experience His Presence and peace, because I also put on the Ritz for them and pamper them.  When I have something nice I don’t need anymore, I find a Christian home for it and they are blessed.  There are so many ways to give of yourself besides only money, as I’ve blogged before (see Tithing vs. Giving).

In short, I’ve learned to say “Yes” to God.  Several months ago He said I must act and purchase in faith, then He will provide.  But if I only act and purchase based on my bank account, I will always be limited by and chained to my bank account.  I’m saying Yes, and the blessings to me and, thus, through me to others, are overflowing.  Wow.  All I had to do was treat money like oxygen and say, “Yes.”