September 11, 2021


 "Soon, those who slumber will be shaken awake.

"Soon, a serpent’s bite will be fatal.  Stay away.  Stand.

"And soon, what you thought was, is not, and never was.

"Those who seek truth will find it and live unto Me.  Their pastures will be well-watered.  Peace will abound in their land.  Soon.

"And soon, those who are lulled to sleep by lies and lullabies of the prince of the air, will hang their head in shame and sorrow.  Their souls will be afflicted with confusion, with delusion being unmasked.  By grace they shall be snatched from the arms of the enemy, but they shall be naked and shiver in shame.

"I shall heal them, those that slumbered in the fog of delusion.  Great is My mercy. 

"Soon there will be a shaking so only My elect ones will not shudder.  Instead, My elect ones will shout with joy because they know, they perceive, they see the truth.  They see My rod and staff gathering My flock to safety.  They see My warriors, My elect ones, crack the dams the prince of the air has constructed to wall off and inflict drought.  The flood waters released will be great.  There will be great rejoicing.  I will not be mocked.  These are My elect ones and I AM with them.

"By December of this year.  Soon."

November 20, 2020


 I heard the Lord's voice, soft and gentle this morning.

“Those [not all] who place their trust in Me are also spending more time listening to others than to Me. I have told several that I talk to face-to-face, like Moses talked to me face-to-face, that Donald Trump will serve a second term as the President of the United States. I have told several including you that the fraud and evil and corruption in these elections will be exposed by truth. If I say it without condition it will come to pass. Prayer [on this matter] is so they be strengthened within themselves about what I have said and to be one in spirit with their brothers and sisters in this fight for light and truth. Prayer [on this matter] is not so much for Me as it is for my children to be strengthened in their faith about what I desire and will accomplish, without condition. And for my children to be in one spirit with the attorneys and others fighting for this country. I will be exposing the evil. The teams of lawyers have exceptional courage and faith as you have witnessed.  Prayer is so you lift yourself up out of doubt and into my heaven on earth realm.

“This is truth and it is not conditional: President Trump will serve a second term because election fraud will be exposed.

“You have wondered what will happen to my children who do not believe this truth I have said. I am God of mercy and love. They hurt themselves by not entering into all my kingdom on earth has to offer. When you believe My truth and pray my truth, you will be prospered.  Your soul will prosper.  Your relationships will prosper because you have My peace and strength.  Your pocketbook will prosper because that is My pleasure to prosper you for praying, standing, and believing the truth that election fraud will be exposed.”

After I heard this I thanked the Lord and said, “I believe.”

November 7, 2020

Ask for a New America (the Father living in you, the spiritual power of the unified Ekklesia)

This is a different word from the Lord. Rather than quoting Him, I'm going to speak out what I know.

I'm sure many of you have been troubled by the irregularities in the election.  On a completely separate but related note, I'm in a new space in the Lord that he's been training me in.  Through faith in the resurrected Jesus Christ, spiritual Savior of those who lean on Him, the Father and Jesus live in you. That should be said again. The Father and Jesus actually live in you. Life changes when you are aware of that, you do what the Father does, and you say what the Father says. That is scriptural.

If you perceive what is going on in America is spiritual warfare, then we need to be heaven on earth. Each one of us needs to be the embodiment of heaven on earth. Each one of us  needs to speak what the Father in us speaks and do what the Father in us does,  just like Jesus did and taught.  We need to do greater works than Jesus on earth. All this is scriptural.

When you want what the Father in you wants and ask in line with that, that is scriptural.

I lovingly appeal to you to spend quiet time and meditation with your Father. Ask and you shall receive.  All you need to do is ask and believe what you have asked for is the Father's will.  You are the embodiment of heaven on earth, never let someone convince you otherwise. You have the Father actually living in you, never let anyone convince you otherwise. When all of us know that scriptural truth and we're asking for the same thing from our one Father, watch the mountains move.  The Israelites knew their God and the walls of Jericho fell. How much more effective are we now with the Father living in us?

In summary: Ask in alignment with the Father in you, and don't let anyone convince you otherwise.  Be the embodiment of heaven on earth.  If your mind or the world is pulling you this way or that way, get back into quiet time and meditation until you are heaven on earth again through the Father's presence in you and you're speaking as your Father speaks.  Ask Him to do what He wants to do.

I am asking for it all. For illegalities and corruption in all areas of government to be exposed, and those egregious white collar felons be indicted under the law.  For fairness, compassion, and justice for all Americans especially those oppressed by those more powerful than them who seek to take advantage of them or harm them and those sexually trafficked into slavery.  For protection of our environment for our children and our children's children.  For even a new unified party that is neither Democrat and Republican but seeks the best aspirations of both Republican and Democrat for the highest good of all.  And I am praying the next president of the United States be the one who is elected with negligible fraudulent voting.  I am asking for a new America where egregious wrongs are punished and noble goals for the greatest good for all are pursued.

When multitudes of us ask for the same thing from our Father (truth vs deception, honest elections vs. any dishonest elections, light vs. dark etc.), watch the mountains move.  The ancient Israelites knew their God and the walls of Jericho fell.  How much more effective is the Ekklesia now with the Father living in all of us?  A unified Ekklesia praying and believing we will have what we ask for is heaven’s mighty spiritual army on earth and the results will be our Father answering his unified children.

March 13, 2020

"My mercy falls"

Sometimes the Lord speaks to me in nursery rhyme styled poems.  I often have to pray deeper to hear the poem revealed.  Here is what I heard in my spirit just now:

“Bear, Bear – bye bye!
There’s a Greater in the sky.
Greed, Greed – see see!
Light will shine and crumple thee.

“Wisk! Wisk! Covid fish,
Back to depths deep in the sea.

“There, there, quiet falls,
My children call
Peace be on the land,
My mercy falls.”

Update as of November 20, 2020:

When the Lord refers to “bear” with me, you can check from my blog posts it always refers to the stock market.  Since March 13, 2020, when the DOW closed at 23,185, the stock market broke out of its V-shaped slump less than a month later on April 8, 2020.  Because of this prophecy I bought and have profited over 20% since.  The DOW closed today at 29,263, over 26% higher than when this prophecy was published.

January 26, 2020

Fear vs. Being Immersed in God’s Love

Fear is a horrible power over the human soul. Fear that God will be like our parents punishing us or withholding love that is so desperately needed by us. Fear God will leave us to fend for ourselves. Fear that makes our inner man bend over and cower and think life will remain hard. Fear is so horrible it actually separates us from the love of God. When we accept fear we reject the fullness of the love of God for us. But when we reject fear, we accept the fullness of the love of God for us. Almost all of our struggles and sins have a root in fear. Jesus took fear very very seriously and kept saying fear not fear not, He gives peace, fear not fear not, He gives peace.

I'm just now aware when Jesus wondered if there would be faith on rarth it is not just faith in that God is God but faith in God being immensely loving and willing to answer our prayers that are in agreement with his loving and kind Person. There is so little faith on earth in God being immensely loving. There is so little, so little faith on earth in God being immensely loving.

Our greatest act of faith is to spend the time daily until we grow in the knowledge of God's love and goodness and facing it to see and experience His full love, such an immense fullness of love. Our daily walk is to reject fear and keep returning and seeing God for who He really is as expansively loving. It can't be half way, we can't just say, "oh yeah He's loving," no, we must actually accept and become immersed in that incredible love because in that process we are then changed into his likeness and become more loving ourselves and then do that to others. We can have far more love for others then.

Love covers a multitude of sin the Bible says. There is a reason why. It is why a little light can shine in deep darkness and illuminate it. A little true love of God can cover and melt away a multitude of sin. How much more a lot of love will transform not just you but the world around you?

January 20, 2020

Trump with Sanders will unify America

I heard the words from the Lord in quotes below together with a vision similar to the words on January 20, 2020 in the late afternoon.  First I received the vision and spoke out what I was seeing to my friend with whom I had been praying and sharing with for about eight hours.  I started by taking authority over heavenly places which made me even more cautious and yielding to hear Him correctly through vision and words because I don't exercise authority in heavenly places unless clearly led there by Him.  Otherwise, without His leading and protective power, I could be presumptuous and even experience unnecessary spiritual warfare.  The first two paragraphs are what she wrote as I shared with her and prayed.  Then I stopped talking and starting writing the words from the Lord in quotes.

I take authority over heavenly places.  There is a war in the heavens over Bernie vs Joe.  This battle is about Bernie vs Joe.  God wants to reveal the heart of the socialists.  Prayer is that Bernie will be the choice as it will be between Bernie vs Trump - socialism vs capitalism.  Tyranny vs freedom.  Much at stake here.  Bernie and Trump could form an alliance of goodness.  It is the end days.   There will be a peace treaty.  Trump will give them concessions.  As part of the coalition, there will be some aspects of socialism.  There are some people that are so vulnerable and they need welfare.

He [the Lord] does more from opposites than echo chambers.

"Trump and Sanders, who will be the Democratic candidate if my people will pray, will unify most of America.  Trump will be wise enough to offer  Sanders a deal of working together as he offered Kim Jong-un.  Unlike Elizabeth Warren who betrayed Bernie in her pandering to women, Bernie, if you pray, will be wise enough to offer to create a coalition of opposites with Trump. A coalition is what Bibi Netanyahu knows how to finesse, eventually. There will be rebirth in what was opposites and broken and fractured. I will bring new life on the dead bones through Bernie and Trump.  Yes, I listed Bernie first because Trump will honor Bernie even though Bernie will not fully honor Trump. But Bernie will honor the deal with Trump.

There will be merciful socialism for the vulnerable, paths to prosperity for the able, and animosity from those with hands in the corrupt cookie jars.  As your dear friend said, you have been praying and sharing together eight hours, light will overcome darkness.  That is my supreme law. Love in truth will defeat the enemy because I am the Deliverer. As you have prayed so I have answered with a deliverance of America. A great darkness, as your dear friend said, had come on the land.  Light has come through Trump and all his prayerful administration."