February 19, 2010

Continuation of sunshine vision with gold appearing

Here is another vision I had four nights ago on February 15, 2010 which continues the vision posted below, “ashen black stock chart fades away and some sunshine appears”. I saw this vision again and then the sunshine intensified in brightness and liquid gold from the sun flowed down into His cupped hands like a bowl receiving the liquid (this was after He brushed the ashen dust of the previous ashen stock chart off His hands). The stock chart had disappeared by this time, only the liquid gold from the sun flowing into His hands. I realized this was not the sun’s rays but actually real gold. It solidified in His cupped hands and then with His right hand He turned the half dome of the gold upside down and set it down as if on a table (but there was no table in the vision). The half dome of gold was solid now, like a ball of gold sliced in one third (not quite a half a ball since His cupped hands were in the shape of about one third of a ball). I personally bought gold (actually the ETF: GLD) the next day on February 16, 2010. As before, I did not want to publish this vision until it “sat in my spirit” a few days. Also, since the vision had to do with a specific investment strategy rather than the stock market as a whole, I felt a hesitation in posting. But this morning I feel after prayer I should share this vision. As background, I am not a gold bug. I have seldom purchased GLD or gold or the equivalent before February 16, 2010 and have never held for more than a week or so previously.

Update as of April 13, 2010: This vision has repeated a handful of times, so to speak!, in clarity and vivid color over the weeks. As a disclosure, I am not longer invested in GLD; however, I am still prayerful about purchasing GLD or physical gold because I strongly believe gold will be a store of value for the years to come given a likely debasement of fiat currencies, such as the dollar, through huge sovereign deficit spending and debts. I am also aware another or parallel interpretation of the flowing liquid gold and half dome of solid gold could mean abundance and prosperity through the "solid" stock market (e.g. supported by the Lord despite the fundamentals and technicals "arguing" otherwise). I am reinvested in various high-yielding stocks and funds with which I am most comfortable.

February 12, 2010

New vision - ashen black stock chart fades away and some sunshine appears

Here is a new vision of the stock market I had on the evening of February 8, 2010. I did not post earlier because I wanted to see how this waking vision "sat" in my spirit, whether it had that pregnant, clean and weighty feel of being from the Lord. Another way of describing my testing the vision is "if I know in my knower" because this vision dwells in me like a living rhema word in me. That test passed so far; here is the vision.

I saw the ashen black stock market, the ashen chart of the DOW that I had seen twice last summer. I saw the couple dozen little black swords of short sellers, like black stock chart candlesticks, coming down from above the stock market chart which was roughly horizontal with an ashen black background (my sense is the approximate area between 10,000 and 11,000 on the DOW) and swiping down at the chart to push the market down. From outside of the view of the chart came a Man's hand, the right hand. His hand cupped horizontally underneath the ashen black stock market chart and upheld it. Then a few little black swords/candlesticks with tiny ashen human-like figures holding each sword/candlestick started falling from above and fell down past the Man's hand out of view. One fell, then another, then another until only a few black swords/candlesticks were remaining above the ashen chart. While this was happening, the ashen black of the whole chart area started fading. Until the remaining chart and swords/candlesticks swiping at it and background of ashen black faded all away until nothing remained. The Man's left hand then appeared in view and He brushed His two hands together a few times, brushing the remaining ashen dust off His hands. It was abundantly clear to my spirit the hands were the Lord's hands. I did not see any new chart appear, just the Man's two hands, and was a bit confused because I wondered if He was going to simply annihilate the market, since I didn't see a stock chart any more. Then last night I saw the above vision repeat and the following was added to the sequence above. After He brushed the ashen dust off of His hands, a sun with a bit of sunshine (like a warm spring sun rather than a hot summer sun) appeared above His hands. The sun's soft glow was warm and inviting and made me smile. Even though in the vision I didn't see the appearance of a new stock market chart, the appearance of the sun with its gentle glow on the Man's hands made me aware that a stock market crash that many fear will happen in the near future will not happen.

February 5, 2010

June vision of ashen black DOW; question whether DOW will go to 12,000 in April

With the huge market breakdown I looked up my old posts so I might learn how the Lord was speaking. On June 13, 2009 I posted:
"I need to add one more comment. I laid down to rest after praying (after all the above was written) and saw what I had seen yesterday. So this vision has now appeared twice with this same intensity as my February 19 vision. I saw the DOW chart when it had reached 11,000 and the chart was all in pitch black. No up and down colored candlesticks, just all in ashen black. Additional black candlesticks, like swords, of short-sellers appeared chaotically just above the DOW chart, similar to the February 19 vision. Except in that vision, there were the normal colors of the candlestick chart. On this DOW at 11,000 vision, the chart and the additional candlestick “swords” above the chart are all in black. This is a chaotic feel, a stormy feel, with a great deal of turbulence. I will keep praying about this and post further revelation. So this makes me all the more committed to enjoying the Lord’s inflating the DOW to 9200, correcting it back to 8800 for another entry point, and inflating it again to 10,000 which is the party with presents for all. After that I may be exiting until and after the black period of the DOW at 11,000 occurs. I’m sure He will give more direction in the future, I wanted to share this at the time because the vision has been vivid and intense twice in two successive days during or just after prayer when resting in Him. Carpe diem, timing is everything, and the Lord is telling us what He is going to do so we prosper wisely for the sake of building His kingdom in these end times."

And on September 29, 2009 I posted, "I also prayed about the stretch from now at approximately 10,000 in September to approximately 12,000 in April 2010 as I had twice seen several weeks ago a vision of black candlesticks swords trying to attack the DOW (sellers, short-sellers) in the range of 11,000. I believe the area between 10,000 and 12,000 in the approximate area of 11,000 might be a bit bumpy. But the Lord has also shown me in prayer that He will support the market through this stretch."

I am now questioning whether the Lord will take the DOW to 12,000 by April as the repeated vivid ashen black vision of the DOW I first posted on June 13, 2009 happened and continues. The DOW peaked at 10,729 - reasonably close to 11,000 - before it began a sharp selloff which continues today. So I am in all cash as a result as of yesterday. I certainly don't want anyone to be injured financially in this market so please invest prayerfully.

Update as of February 12, 2010: Please see newer posts above with new visions about the DOW going up.