April 29, 2010

The USA shall defy the sovereign debt crises and be immune from contagion

I went on my prayer walk today. It has been a while since I received a long clear word from the Lord. Since I was walking I could not write it down, but retained it in my spirit by deeply praying over the word and allowing Him to repeat it. When I write upon returning home, I continue praying until the words written are indeed the ones He has spoken in my spirit again and wants professed to the atmosphere.

I should add I also interceded again over the market, as I have done the last couple of days. On my prayer walk today I perceive in my spirit the DOW will eventually go to 14,000. This may be a couple years out, I do not know, it is is hidden from me at this time. He is having me intercede for the DOW going to 12,000 in the same manner I interceded last year for the DOW going to 10,000 based on the prophetic word He gave. So I feel I’m “back in the saddle again” with even more fervent and prophetic prayer regarding the market. Thank you for any one who prayed for me, perhaps that I why I feel an increased fervency in prayer and received this word today. So this word was birthed collectively, if you will. I do pray for you, that we each and all hear clearly, that you will have clarity on entering and existing positions. I truly wish and pray for increased, glory to glory, prosperity for you.

“The USA shall defy the sovereign debt crises. The USA shall be immune from the contagion. Yes, I see the ballooning debt, ballooning like a gargantuan bubble gum bubble. But there shall not be a market crash! Have I not said I will support the market? Have I not said my people are in America’s companies? Have I not said I am restoring the finances of my people? Do you think I am one to trick and say, “Just kidding!” ? Do not think I will trick you!

“Do not be waffling in the wind, child. The winds are blowing stronger and stronger. The earth cries out for My rising glory. The earth cries out for My sons and daughters to arise into their fullness and take control of the elements. My sons and daughters shall have dominion. There is clapping in the winds. There is rejoicing of the earth even in the storms. Turn off the news. Listen [to the news] but don’t keep listening. Tune your radio to heaven. There are songs in heaven my children must bring to earth.

“The tea partiers are coming over on the Mayflower. They are carrying May flowers of peace, flowers of my Prince of Peace. They shall tip and topple established ways through flowers of Peace. They strike with a flower. Ah, what a mighty flower! You have not seen anything like it since the 1960’s flower children. A movement of change.

“The winds shall increase. They shall buffet about. Stand firm, child. Storms shall threaten and be angry but I shall clear them. Turn off the news, child. Hold out the scepter of My word to the winds.”

Update as of May 9, 2010
Please see above, “The tea partiers… shall tip and topple established ways through flowers of Peace. They strike with a flower. Ah, what a mighty flower! You have not seen anything like it since the 1960’s flower children. A movement of change”
“After toppling three-term Republican Sen. Robert F. Bennett in Utah, tea party activists and other conservative critics shifted their sights Sunday to a mid-May primary in Kentucky, their next big challenge to a political establishment they have vowed to upend.”

Update as of November 2, 2010 10:30 pm: As Rand Paul, the tea party-backed Republican candidate in Kentucky, said this evening, "Tonight there's a tea party tidal wave." http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20101103/ap_on_el_se/us_senate

And here is another interesting quote that 40% of voters are supporters of the conservative tea party movement, "About four in 10 voters said they were worse off financially than two years ago, according to preliminary exit poll results and pre-election surveys. More than one in three said their votes were an expression of opposition to Obama. More than half expressed negative views about both political parties. Roughly 40 percent of voters considered themselves supporters of the conservative tea party movement. Less than half said they wanted the government to do more to solve problems."

The Lord said on April 29, 2010 that the tea party would actually topple the political establishment and it did happen, praise Him so, so much for the hope He is restoring tonight to America. What an incredible God, what a night of bright hope.

Here is the other original words:

Lazy Bull Market...

The market is acting today just as the Lord said previously, a lazy bull market. I am still pained by my decision to sell everything two days ago based on listening to an Other Person's Opinion, the "trading guru" email from a friend. My reentry prices yesterday and today on LEAPs were 10-15% higher than when I sold (see my April 27 post). This was very financially painful for me, so a poignant and powerful lesson for me.

Since a pullback to 10,800 +/- 100 is only 1% - 2% lower than the lows about 11,000 of the last few days I feel I should be invested and not hope for a better entry. I should add that I now see in prayer the number 10,800 as support for the DOW. Last night and today I see a minor dip in the DOW and then it resuming its lazy climb upwards. I see the sun shining to the upper right of the chart. There are no dark clouds or ashen black (representing short sellers) present. The sun is out on the market.

After prayer I realized if I have absolute confidence the DOW is going to 12,000 based on the Lord's word - which I do - why not buy very long term options to give me plenty of time for His timing? So I bought in the money DOW 2011 LEAPs at a strike price of 110. If you want even more time and less risk, you might consider the 2012 LEAPs. I also bought back LEAPs on the following based on the following words I had heard from the Lord:

AAPL - On April 20 and 21 heard, "Apple is the apple of your eye."
AMZN - On April 8 heard, "Amazon is amazing, simply amazing."
BAC - On March 12 heard, Bank of America is BACk!"
F - On April 13 I heard, “Ford is flying, flying!” And I saw a state of the art fighter jet, soaring fast and high in the sky, symbolizing Ford will be extremely state of the art and competitive.
NFLX - On April 21 felt it was excellent. On April 29 heard, "Netflix is a natural winner."
NKE - On April 22 felt NKE was excellent. On April 29 heard, "Nike is a champion."
SNDK - On April 14 heard "Sandisk is spectacular."

Other words I have heard but do not own yet and reasons why not:

C - On April 13 heard "Citi is your cherry". I still am hesitant given all going on with banking regulation and want to be more prayerful before I purchase more than one bank (BAC).
JPM - On April 8 heard, "JP Morgan is jumping, is jumping!" I believe I missed the jump on April 14 and 15. On prayer today April 29 on believe the word still applies but I still want to pray more about JPM.

For high yielding dividend stocks and funds, please see my post on April 13, 2010, "PROPHETICTRADER.COM FAVORITES LIST".

April 27, 2010

Short term "minor" pullback to 10,800?

The market took a tumble of about 200 points today. I had "heard" over this weekend the number 1175... short for 11,175. It flashed so quickly in my mind I discounted it and made the mistake of not praying. The next day it flashed again and I also discounted it and made the mistake of not praying. Well, I believe that number signaled a top before the down day we experienced today. By my not praying I missed selling at the short-term top (the DOW still heading up to 12,000 in the coming months) and gave back all my profits by selling today. I should never tire of prayer, this is a lesson.

I am actually tired now, since it is 11pm California time and I get up with the market. But I did manage to pray and ask where the market would pullback to. I saw the number 10,800 illuminate in my spirit. I prayed again and saw the number clearly again. If the market pulls back from the top of about 11,250 to 10,800 that will be a 4% pullback which is fairly mild compared to the pullback in late January to early February. I remember the Lord clearly showed in a vision His dusting the heavy storm of short sellers off His hands after that time, so I am not expecting a severe pullback (i.e. one approaching 10%), but rather a mild pullback on the order of 4%+/-.

I will pray more but I wanted to get this post out this evening before I go to bed.

I should mention I am still bullish, feeling "favor", on AMZN and F and will look to repurchase. As long as the Goldman proceedings and Greece sovereign debt crisis are looming, I am wary about JPM. I may have misinterpreted JPM to be jumping continuously rather than the strong jump it experienced. I am learning regarding His timing on individual stocks... I should have sold with my 20% gains on my JPM LEAPs! I also heard on April 14 "Sandisk is spectacular!" I sold too soon but did enjoy a good part of the runup. Hearing specifics on individual stocks is new territory for me. That is why I mentioned before I believe the Lord is "taking it up a level". So far I'm taking my bruises in the market by not existing a position on time. My prayer is He make the exit, as well as the entrance, on a stock clear for not only myself but all those who desire that He leads them in investing.

Update as of April 28, 2010 12:30 am: I had a wonderful time of prayer this morning. I asked where the DOW would pullback to and saw in my spirit 10,800 again. A prophetic number, I have learned, is often approximate. My experience through this blog is the difference between actual and the prophetic number is less than 100 points.

I also finally heard from the Lord on my frustration for months on why I can “know” where the market is going long term but keeping failing to enter and exit trades prophetically and with profit. I had heard words the last couple of weeks on specific stocks and my entire account was up 25% (via long-term options called LEAPS) the day before yesterday. But, as you will read below, I gave back all the gains back yesterday. The Lord gets my attention with money for His major lessons. When I lose a lot of money it pains me and I want to know what is going on, why did I lose money. Today I finally got the answer (with me He sometimes withholds an answer until the end of the lesson!) What I learned will be obvious truths to most. But we are all going from glory to glory. He is stretching us all.

I learned that time-to-time I have traded based on one or all of: Fear, Haste, Other People’s Opinions. The first two are definitely demonic, Jesus said not to fear (Luke 12, John 14). There is no fear in love, perfect love of Christ casts out all fear (1 John 4). And Proverbs 21:5 warns haste leads to poverty. And Other People’s Opinions can be at odds with God, such as the followers and prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18). Every now and then a fellow Christian will speak the opinion of God. But if their opinion is not of God’s supernatural wisdom, or prophetic in nature, chances are the opinion contains worldly, demonic ideas trying to derail you from God’s plan. All mature Christians know these truths, but applying them in your life consistently can be a challenge. But what a wonderful challenge it is!

The other thing I learned is something I’ve known all along but still struggle with. I need to increasingly yield my thoughts to Christ’s thoughts. Partial yielding is not enough. Again, we are challenged to press on and upwards, from glory to glory. We are to take every thought captive to Christ. And we have the mind of Christ. But if you are a “thinker” like me, then allowing His thoughts, His Spirit, His holy and vast mind to engulf and consume your mind and thoughts is not always effortless. I have to deliberately yield in meditation and prayer. I’m sure others can relate, which is why I share.

Finally, the pain of my several-month-long lesson culminated yesterday when a Christian friend sent an email from some supposed trading guru with the title, “Stocks Rolling Over. Get out now.” The text was strongly worded with inflammatory opinions (such as “A Looming Crash Could Obliterate Your Wealth” in a huge red font) and meant to incite panic. So I indeed panicked and sold. I didn’t think I had the time to pray while the market was going sharply down. I’m honest in this blog about my errors!! But had I prayed immediately rather than later at night, the Lord would have shown the correction would be mild. So I sold needlessly and at a sharp loss. If I really wanted to sell with the pullback, I could have waited until the bounce today which invariably happens after a sharp down day, especially if you know the pullback will be mild. She is a friend and understood when I asked her not to send such emails of Other People’s Opinions to me.

As a final prophetic word, I saw the date “May 12th” a few times this morning as well as last night while praying. When I asked specifically if I should be out of the market or invested in the market on that day, He said, “You should be invested”.

I hope my honesty above is helpful to others who are seeking intimate communication with the Lord to guide their increase. I pray for all those reading this blog that you hear with clarity on both entering and exiting your stock positions. Thank you, also, for your prayer.

Update as of May 4, 2010 8:30am: The DOW touched 10,887 at about 8am PST. I bought on the dip per the word of the Lord that the pullback will be minor and short-term.

April 14, 2010


[This was written the evening of April 13 and posted the morning of April 14 soon after market open.]

I post the following with hesitation because except for feeling a spiritual illumination in the past on stocks like F, HTGC, HIX, NCV and some others, I have resisted prophecying about specific stocks. But a few days ago, last Thursday April 8 in the wee hours of the morning the Lord said, “JP Morgan is jumping, is jumping!” The symbol JPM can be read, jumpin’. On Thursday I bought 2011 options in the morning. The options went up 5% in just the day then I bought more.

And later on Thursday April 8 I heard, though not as strong an unction, “Amazon is amazing, simply amazing.” Notice the symbol can be pronounced AMaZiN.

And last evening I heard, “Ford is flying, flying!” And I saw a state of the art fighter jet, soaring fast and high in the sky, symbolizing Ford will be extremely state of the art and competitive.

Please be prayerful about the above revelations.

If you feel led to pray for me, please do so that I may hear accurately. I don’t know how many are reading this blog. But if any of my postings lead even one to trip and stumble and lose money in the market, the Lord knows my heart would be crushed. I feel I am a servant in listening to the Lord about the market so His people may receive the revelations and prosper. That is why it is important I accurately hear Him. There is no room for error. When my brothers and sisters have their money at stake I feel the great responsibility. If I am wrong, others suffer painful consequences. So thank you for praying for me to hear accurately. I feel the Lord will be giving even more detailed specifics and “stepping it up a level.”

He is prospering His people. For me the burden is both great and beautiful. To God be ALL the glory. Lord Jesus, we love You!

P. S. I am becoming aware that I must now prophecy about stocks as I have about the market. I believe through my words, even if no one reads, the heavenly hosts will hear the words as commands from the Lord. I believe I must speak out these words so that they might be manifest.

Update as of April 14, 2010 in the morning: I awoke to discover JPM had gapped up, or jumped, 2.25%. I also bought Ford this morning. If I had only listened to the Lord when I bought Ford about a year ago for about $1.5 and simply held. He had told me to buy when the price was about $1.5, then about $5, then about $7. I got nervous every time and sold too quickly. I am not clear on the holding times for JPM, AMZN and F. If my personal history instructs me, I sell much too quickly. I am praying I might have the courage to hold these wonderful gifts from the Lord.

Update as of April 16, 2010 9:50 am: The stock market is down about 150 points as I write due to the announcement of the S.E.C. suing Goldman Sachs with fraud. I personally am relieved GS is finally being sued, the corruption by the investment banksters needs to be exposed. Lehman Brothers was taken down and Goldman Sach's (e.g. "Government Sachs") wings also need to be clipped. I am staying the course with my investments and the DOW going to 12,000 in the coming months. It is interesting on April 28, 2009, again on May 18 & 19, 2009, and again June 13, 2009 I repeated the Lord said the DOW would go to 10,000 by September - which it did within 87 points. But from June 15 (the business day after one of my reiterations of the prophecy) to July 13 the market had a sharp pullback. I don't know where the bottom of the current pullback will be. But history has shown the Lord makes my own account profitable when I stay the course through the pullbacks and I lose money if I try to time the pullbacks. So this time, I pray to have the courage to remain captain of my ship and not jump ship into a lifeboat of cash as I KNOW the Lord shall bring us through the periodic storms on upwards to the DOW at 12,000.

April 13, 2010


Over the last year the Lord has shown that His prophecies regarding the stock market have been extraordinarily accurate. He alone receives all the glory as I remain anonymous and this website is free to all.

For the first time this evening I feel I should share with you my “Favorites List” of funds and stocks which I only share with my close friends. The reason is although one may have prophetic insight, from the Lord, that the stock market is going up, one may nonetheless be at a loss what to invest in.

My current list of funds and stocks below was compiled through not only my research but also the research of an executive friend of mine. He and I share notes time-to-time on investment ideas; thus, this list is dynamic and in a few months some of the selections may be replaced. In 2009 the Lord led me to a high-yield business development company as well as high-yield corporate bond funds. With His guidance, my 2009 portfolio (gains plus dividends) outperformed the S&P index by about three times. 2010 is a new year and I look forward to trying to outperform the market again with His supernatural guidance.


I recommend staying away from funds that trade less than 150,000 shares per day due to lack of liquidity and sudden price drops if a large holder sells. Unfortunately, the business development companies do have lower trading volumes in general.

I also tend to stay away from closed-end funds with a “premium” over 15%, preferably not over 10%.

I personally prefer dividend funds/stocks/trusts to equities that do not pay a dividend. Dividends “pay you to be patient” by your collecting dividends through market volatilities.

Please be aware mortgage REITs and corporate bond funds are very sensitive to interest rates. When interest rates rise significantly, or even the threat of rising interest rates looms, these securities will likely go down in value.


(can be traded during the trading day like stocks)

Research these closed-end funds on: http://www.cefconnect.com

Nicholas-Applegate Convertible & Income Fund

Symbol NCV

Dividend Yield 11%

Premium 8%

Pimco Corporate Opportunity Fund

Symbol PTY

Dividend Yield 8%

Premium 8%

Pioneer Floating Rate Trust

Symbol PHD

Dividend Yield 7%

Premium 4%

Western Asset High Income Fund II, Inc

Symbol HIX

Dividend Yield 12%

Premium 12%



Compass Diversified Holdings

Symbol CODI

Yield 9%

Hercules Technology Growth Capital

Symbol HTGC

Yield 7%

PennantPark Investment Corp

Symbol PNNT

Yield 9%

Triangle Capital Corp

Symbol TCAP

Yield 11%


EV Energy Partners LP

Symbol EVEP

Dividend Yield 9%

Enerplus Resources

Symbol ERF

Dividend Yield 9%

Penn West Energy Trust

Symbol PWE

Dividend Yield 8%


American Capital Agency Corporation

Symbol AGNC

Dividend Yield 21%

Annaly Capital Management Inc.

Symbol NLY

Dividend Yield 15%

Chimera Investment Corp

Symbol CIM

Dividend Yield 17%

April 3, 2010

Prophets can see the desires of the enemies and false prophecies

On March 31, 2010 in the evening I published the following on prophetictrader.com. But the next morning, at 6am PST, I woke up with a strong conviction it was a false prophecy and deleted it. Although it looked like it might be consistent with what the Lord has been saying, it – in fact – was not.

“Short-selling Storm to 10,200 & then DOW resumes climb

“Today I saw dark storm clouds forming over the stock market. Dark clouds boding heavy rain with flashes of lighting. Then the rain will begin, rain of the short sellers, growing heavy and strong. A short selling storm will take the stock market DOW down to about 10,200. That is the number I saw. Then, when the DOW reaches about 10,200 the clouds will start parting and rays of sun will appear between the clouds. Then the sun will come out and the DOW will resume its slow climb back up again. The lazy bull market will resume. The DOW will go to 12,000 in the coming months.

“Get out of the rain. Take your cash into shelter. Because there will be a buying opportunity after the rain.”

I am aware prophets can see the desires of the enemies and false prophecies. It is our duty when we see those desires of enemies or false prognostications to rebuke them.

This morning I saw clearly what the Lord showed me between February 12th and March 12 that He is supporting the market, He has dusted off the short-sellers and it is a lazy bull market. This morning I saw bulls and cows grazing on the short green spring grass on gently rolling hills. The hills gently rolled upwards. This scene represents the market. I prophesied and prayed that the false prognostication above would be destroyed and not come to pass. And I prophesied and prayed over what the Lord said on March 12th, here it is again:

“‘Tell My people the stock market will go to 12,000 in the coming months. You saw the green shoots, the green candlesticks creeping up, up. It is My Easter gift, a resurrection gift for your finances. My green shoots are nourishing, they are not like the government’s green shoots, some of those are bitter to your stomach. Eat My green shoots and be nourished.

‘It is a bull market, a lazy bull market. I have seen the integrity and industry of my people. My people are in companies. I will bless those companies because of My people. Eat My green shoots and be nourished. Do not doubt the market will go to 12,000 in the coming months. They say it must come down. I say eat and be nourished, there is resurrection for your finances.’

Then He showed me again His dusting the black dust of the short-selling market (which occurred from Jan 20 to Feb 8) off of His hands.”

It shall happen as He has said. Happy Easter resurrection and new life for you and your loved ones and all in Him.

Update as of April 12, 2010: The DOW closed above 11,000 today. This is the first time in 18 months, since September 2008.