August 7, 2009

"Jump" is happening; DOW to above 10,000 in September

The market is up 150+ points today to 9400+. The "jump" is continuing and I believe the pullback happened before the DOW touched 9200 rather than after. I had written on May 19, 2009, "The Lord is playing a hop, skip and jump game with the forces that took the S&P 500 to 666 on 3-6-9. “3-6-9” is the hint. The Lord says, “Watch the market hop, skip and jump.” The Lord showed the stock market has hopped (steeply) up from March 6 to March 23. It has skipped (along a more gently sloped rise) from March 23 to now. And it will jump up (a steeper rise) in the future to place the DOW at 10,000. Incredible? No :)" On June 13, 2009 I modified the jump to 10,000 (instead of 12,000), writing, "Where 10,000 appears it has replaced the number 12,000 as of today. Nothing else in the text has been edited in this original post. The reason for the correction is I have believed with conviction all the numbers of the DOW from the Lord: 7200, 7500, 7800, 8200, 8600 , and 9200, and the time frames of 8200 in April and 9200 in June and the DOW staying above 8600. But I have not had the same conviction about 12,000 by mid September. Originally the number I had heard was 10,000 but I had such great faith I also heard and thus expected 12,000. Whether I was right or wrong in my initial post, the Lord can change His mind on His actions as shown by many, many accounts in the Bible. As of this writing, the correct number from the Lord is the DOW above 10,000 on September 16, 2009. By the way my birthday is in September and I asked the Lord for this birthday present, that by His word coming true many would be blessed. "

And now many commentators and economists are saying we have turned the corner on the bear market and are in the beginning of a bull market as I heard from the Lord on June 7, 2009.

I repeat some of my past posts to make it easier for readers but also to prophesy and speak out again to the heavenlies that these events shall come to pass.

Update as of September 16, 2009: Please see the words of the Lord to me on April 28, 2009, again on May 18 & 19, 2009, and on June 13, 2009 where He said, "Watch me, 10,000 in September 2009. A present to my children and those not yet my children. A birthday present because Catherine has asked for one, a birthday party where everyone receives presents. I will repair with air, with that which you cannot see. Rejoice because I will inflate your portfolios! Rest in My words, I am doing things you cannot see. You see air, but I will inflate, I will inflate your smile!" I incorrectly assumed the DOW would go to 10,000 by my birthday on September 16, which is mid September. But the Lord simply stated in September. I am the one who added "mid September" and "by September 16". Please accept my apologies as these additions were not in the original word from the Lord. On September 16, 2009 the DOW closed at 9791, a stone's throw of only 209 points or a mere 2.1% increase to 10,000.