March 12, 2010

DOW going to 12,000; Lazy bull market

Yesterday afternoon on my prayer walk I saw the same vision I described on February 12 and February 19 and then saw, in addition to the sunshine and the gold, some green candlesticks appear as in a stock chart to the right going gently up. It was as if the green candlesticks were green grass shoots that were tender and sweetly nutritious and which I could eat.

He said:

“Tell My people the stock market will go to 12,000 in the coming months. You saw the green shoots, the green candlesticks creeping up, up. It is My Easter gift, a resurrection gift for your finances. My green shoots are nourishing, they are not like the government’s green shoots, some of those are bitter to your stomach. Eat My green shoots and be nourished.

“It is a bull market, a lazy bull market. I have seen the integrity and industry of my people. My people are in companies. I will bless those companies because of My people. Eat My green shoots and be nourished. Do not doubt the market will go to 12,000 in the coming months. They say it must come down. I say eat and be nourished, there is resurrection for your finances.”

Then He showed me again His dusting the black dust of the short-selling market (which occurred from Jan 20 to Feb 8) off of His hands.

Update as of April 12, 2010: The DOW closed above 11,000 today. This is the first time in 18 months, since September 2008.

Update as of January 26, 2011: The DOW to 12,000 prophesy was fulfilled January 24, 2011. The DOW reached within 20 points of 12,000 on January 24 and broke through 12,000 on January 26. Please know the prophecy was fulfilled on January 24, 2011 because numbers are always approximate, not exact.