October 31, 2012

A release of increased Power

“I said, “In 2012 the Liberty bell will sound ‘Dagon has fallen!’”

I said watch as my sons and daughters come out in a mighty rush from their caves where they have been praying, praying, praying.  They will run, run, run in joy in My power that I give them.

“Now I say this will be one of the best years of your lives.  A power will come on you that you do not recognize.  You know it is I but you have not felt this power before.  You will have self-control.  You will not run after this and that.  You will say “no” to temptation.  You will say “yes” to charity, to helping the downtrodden.  You will raise your hands and loving thunder will answer.  My power will abide on you.  You will not walk too fast or too slow in me, credit Eagle in this revelation.  It is time, as I have been telling Eagle.  The fullness of time as I am telling many others.  Ding Dong the witch is dead!  The wicked witch is dead!  Ding Dong, it is time, as Eagle has revealed!  You have stood and defied her.  You have stood and defied Dagon.  Your prayers have turned mountains to mere chalk.  You will witness a tsunami of Me answering your prayers.

“You have learned to stand.  Not run ahead or fall behind Me.  You have learned to receive My power on high on you.  When you hearken to Me and listen, when you wait on Me, when you don’t seek for yourself but seek intimacy in Me, I will answer you this year with My increased power.  You have learned.  You have gone through the refining fire.  Share My presence freely with others.  Freely you have received, freely give.”

Related prophecies:
My people have been in caves and shadows and dark closets praying, praying, praying. No one sees them. They have been hidden for this time. Oh, I will be shaking even my church and those who have been last will be first. Watch the shackles come off! Watch your religious robes tear and split and fall off so you can run, run, run in my Spirit and my glory can arise…. I have many kings and queens in caves and shadows and dark closets praying, praying, praying. They are about to spread their wings like Monarch butterflies and fly, fly, fly! Such glorious wings with splendid colors and brilliance and power! Watch the true power arise!

My princes and princesses are in caves, like David.  Watch the rush as they come out as a royal priesthood, walking in My Spirit and freedom, prophesying and healing in My Son’s name.  The earth has shaken and will shake again as the glory and joy of My sons and daughters sweep over the nations like fresh waters on dry lands. 

October 18, 2012

About America's leadership

I thought it important to summarize several prophecies about America's leadership that are relevant to the current election.  Please note the Liberty Bell and “Dagon has fallen” prophecy happened in August 2011 well before Governor Romney was one of the two lead presidential candidates in this year's election.  Prophecies that occur in a season when the exact opposite appears to be happening carry additional weight with me.

June 21, 2012 Excerpt:
I see the statue of Dagon crumbling like very old plaster and breaking into small pieces into rubble on the floor. This statue represents that American political leadership that has set itself up against the Spirit of God.

I see presidential candidate Mitt Romney, not a Christian, on whom the Spirit of God rests. He will yield to and follow the Spirit of God more sensitively than many who call themselves Christians. I see this bothering Christians.

August 29, 2011 Excerpt:
“In 2012 the Liberty Bell will sound ‘Dagon has fallen.’ In 2012 the Liberty Bell will sound ‘Dagon has fallen.’
“I will put my Spirit on the leader I choose who humbles himself before Me. Even if the youth show up at the polls, which they will not because they are distracted running after this and that, Dagon cannot be erected.”

September 16, 2010 Excerpt:
“It is not all America," says the Lord, “But I am judging America’s leaders. Those who are arrogant, those who are lofty and exalt themselves above Me shall be humbled. Yes I have sent signs and warnings. But have not my own children prospered in this period? Have they not had sufficient? Would I punish my children and those who turn to Me and rely on Me? Judge correctly yourselves! Would I not be a foolish God to reject those I love? Those who love me? Judge correctly yourselves! I am shifting and shaking and changing the status quo, just as I said. First the political leaders. Then the business leaders.”

April 1, 2010 Excerpt:
“The USA shall defy the sovereign debt crises. The USA shall be immune from the contagion.”

“The tea partiers are coming over on the Mayflower. They are carrying May flowers of peace, flowers of my Prince of Peace. They shall tip and topple established ways through flowers of Peace  A movement of change.”