April 29, 2009

DOW hit 8200 today - Just as He had said

DOW hit 8200 today and closed near it. This is what the Lord told me on March 27 would happen in April.

If you look at the pattern of the DOW since Feb (when the market was plummeting) and draw in the lines 7200, 7500, 7800, 8200, and on to 8600… it exactly happened. Exactly. What this means to me is I could safely invest in the market when it was plummeting in February and rising though very tenuously to most traders and investors in early March, which I did despite the huge fear at being a "contrarian" (the fear which I had to pray myself through as fear is not from the Lord).

Many investors are now saying the market will have a 10% or more severe correction because it is very "overbought". I read the many “predictions” from economists and hedge fund managers and other “market experts”. I even read the dreams and beliefs of other prophetic Christians. Many lost money if they invested according to their beliefs that the market would correct severely between the early March lows and now. It makes me aware that if we can’t clearly hear the Lord’s voice for ourselves, we will follow our own deceptive dreams and visions, our own wishes and not His. Not all dreams and visions are of the Lord, many from our soul, and many from the demonic world. So I’d rather clearly hear words from Him during deep prayer and worship in His Spirit. This what He wants us all to do. To just talk with Him and hear Him as Adam conversed with God in the garden.

April 28, 2009

DOW will go to 9200 by or in June

After my prayer walk today. I heard and repeated to make sure I had heard correctly today, "the DOW will be 9200 in or by June 2009".

Update as of July 30, 2009 at 7:00 am: The DOW broke up through 9200 today, only one month later than when I prophesied on April 28, 2009 that it would happen by or in June 2009. Why the one month delay to July 2009? I either heard wrong or God changed His mind on timing. Either way, I have been fully invested in my portfolio knowing God said the market would go to 9200 and then 10,000. Also, on May 19, 2009 He said there would be a “jump” in the market after the “hop” and “skip” were completed (it looks like the “jump” is happening this July 2009 and might take us to all the way to 10,000). More commentators and economists are saying we have turned the corner on the bear market and are in the beginning of a bull market as I heard from the Lord on June 7, 2009 and first on February 19, 2009.

April 3, 2009

Cow Stock Market Has Begun!

In prayer and praise sang “Oh Beautiful” and “This Land is Your Land” and a lot of loving songs to Jesus, to the Lord.

Walking down a hill I perceived, “it’s not a bear market, it’s not a bull market, it’s a cow market!” I laughed in a wonderful way I probably haven’t weeks! Such a free and delightful laugh at His humor and doing things that seems ridiculous to others. I saw cows lying down lazily and comfortably in the sun. Others were grazing. Even some bulls thrown in the group but all were peaceful. That is a Cow Market. A dependable, slow-moving market. Not rushing up after 8200, but slowly and steadily (painfully so to many traders who like volatility). So I prayed the volatility come way down, that the Cow Market Has Begun!