January 12, 2012

Lord, BLESS your imperfect children.

Lord, BLESS Your imperfect children.  BLESS those who are perfect in Jesus, but imperfect in themselves.  BLESS those who can’t figure out what to do to blessed and receive overflow.  BLESS those who give, but haven’t given enough.  BLESS those who love, but haven’t loved enough.  BLESS those who are perfect in Jesus, but imperfect in themselves. 

BLESS those who see others blessed and wonder what they are doing wrong, what faith they don’t have, what they don’t profess, what they don’t do.  BLESS those who are perfect in Jesus, but imperfect in themselves.  BLESS the last so that they become first.  BLESS all Your imperfect children, each and every one, because they, all of us, are made spectacularly perfect in Jesus.

Just BLESS Lord, I ask.  BLESS, BLESS, BLESS, BLESS, BLESS.  Pour out Your liberal goodness, Your exuberant provision and overflow, Your wells of prosperity on the most humble and weak and imperfect of us.  Because he or she each is perfect in You, like the prodigal son and daughter.  Slaughter the fattened calf and throw a feast, Lord.  Loosen our hands to give more, even in little ways.  There are so many ways to give, not just money, but all the stuff in our houses, opening our houses, whatever Lord.  Keep the river flowing from You and through us.

And Lord, I see and bind that religious mindset that says we should focus on the Giver and not the gifts.  Who has not gone through the fire the last couple of years?  Who is not living on Your manna from heaven?  Who has not felt the scalding heat of the furnace?  That is why I intercede, for those who have been chastened, molded, refined and humbled, please BLESS, BLESS, BLESS, BLESS, BLESS.  Let them open their hands to receive and take what is theirs, like opening stocking stuffers.  Give them eyes to see the opportunities.  Let them buy something here and there in faith.  I am speaking for the lowest of low, the one wondering why there are vast differences in the Kingdom that others are mightily blessed yet they are surviving with Your precious manna.  We love Your manna.  Yet You have some filet mignon in store as well, of Your chosing and not from our grumbling, though we ask, I ask for them.  Some filet mignon.  Some fun things.  Some relaxation.  Some laughter.  Some springs of everlasting and Zoe life.  My prayer, my intercession, is for the least of the least, the overlooked, the down-trodden, the discouraged.  Because I believe their time has come this year.  So I not just prophesy, I intercede.  Intercession is of Your heart.  “Jesus cried.”  But then You resurrected Lazarus to joyous life.  BLESS, BLESS, BLESS, BLESS, BLESS Your sweet children who are living on Your delightful and precious manna of provision.  And I see opening flowers, lovely bouquets of multiplications, from what looked like a single bud of a provision from You.  Lord, my one request, please do it for the least of the least.  Do it for Your imperfect children.  Because there is nothing, nothing they can do or be outside of Yeshua, nor I.  2012, let it be their year.  Selah.  And Amen.

To Friends:  It’s Time.  Do you see what I am seeing?  It’s Time.  Nothing to do with us and all to do with Him.  Please look around and open your stocking stuffers!  Don’t be in guilt or condemnation.  A flow, a flow, a flow.  Currency is a current, it flows.  It’s Time.  2012 will be very, very, very different.  Please, let us pray for the least of the least, who feel they have been overlooked and missed out on the Lord’s blessing.  Who have tried to do everything right, who love Jesus, but many things have gone wrong.  Those who can’t compare to those on Christian TV or even to those driving nice cars in their congregation.  Let us pray for each other, for the discouraged and down-trodden.  Can you feel their cries to God?  I truly believe it is their Time.  But God loves intercession.  Mountains are moved with intercession.  Will you please give them that gift of praying for them?  Those you don’t even know?  You will move mountains and give as the apostle Paul gave who said, “"Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth… [be healed/blessed.]”  Acts 3:6 (NIV)  Thank you, thank you for praying for each other and those you don’t know but who are suffering.