February 25, 2009

Prayed over His word regarding the stock market

The Dow reached about 7000 on Friday. The Lord had shown me the black candlesticks, the black swords of the short sellers coming in at an angle from the left on February 19. But His red turning green candlestick has not yet been revealed. Where His candlestick extends powerfully from the 7000s to the mid 8000s. He also made this clear the upward trend of the Dow would happen slowly, with different levels of support/resistance, not quickly. So I laid my spiritual body over His word and prayed that His word will still come to pass. For the sake of all the retirees, all those who love Him and are crying and desperate now. It is for them He will do this. For us younger ones, a rise in the Dow is simply opportunity to handle wisely, but we have time in Him to recover our finances. He needs to replenish the finances of the retirees. Those who are despairing and casting their future on Him. May God’s mercy prevail, may He raise the retirees up, may He raise all who thought they invested wisely but saw their careful savings cut in half be raised up. Lord have mercy!

February 19, 2009

Prophecy DOW will go from 7200 to 8600, by May the DOW will be above 8200

I saw a long red candlestick stretching from the 7000’s on the DOW up 1000 to the 8000’s. It was the sword of the Lord, with blood and power. It was His color. On a stock chart it would show up as green. I knew His candlestick sword was invisible though, it was behind the scenes pushing up the DOW. Then I saw a half a dozen or so black candle stick swords coming in at angles from the left of the graph of the DOW trying to swipe the DOW down. They are demons, short sellers. The Lord showed me His Spirit will raise the DOW but slowly, over time this year, with different bases forming. 7500 now, although I also heard 7200. I thought November was 7200 but when I looked the low was 7449. Then 7800, 8200 and 8600. That retired people need restoration of the DOW. I did not sense the Dow will go into the 6000’s, the number of man. His mercy will prevail.

By June of 2009 I saw the economy will be warm. He will have applied intense heat. But intense heat on something frozen cold (the economy now) doesn’t make it hot right away, just warm. By May hope will be restoring as the DOW is above 8200.

Update as of October 29, 2011:
The DOW had been declining steeply, crashing from October 2008 to March 6, 2009. On the date of this prophecy the DOW closed just under 7500, having fallen sharply from over 11,000 in September 2008. On March 6, 2009 it reversed course. It rose to 7200 in mid March 2009, to 7800 in late March 2009, to 8200 in mid April 2009, and to 8600 in early May 2009.