January 8, 2010

He gave us the stock market tips already

I went for a walk with my dogs today on the frozen lake by my house. Soon after the market opened this morning, I felt an urge to sell some of my dividend fund holdings (part, not all) and buy some call options on Ford. I have not had positive experiences in the past buying options, due to the erosion of the value with time if the price of the stock does not increase. So I went for my customary walk to pray about it.

When I asked the Lord what I should invest in He made it clear He has told me what is going to happen already. It is for me to step out of the boat and act on what He has told me. He has said the DOW will be at about 12,000 in April. And that Ford will double (I don't have a definite time frame for Ford's doubling but my impression is the time frame is approximately a year out).

When I got back home it seemed to me perfectly obvious that the Lord can give us one or two stock market tips where we can do exceptionally well if we simply act on his tip, trust and are patient. I am not recommending you do this, but I felt release, liberty and joy in purchasing the Ford January 2011 calls with a strike price of $15 (my purchase price: $1.05) and the DIA June 2010 calls with a strike price of $115 (my purchase price: $1.07 average). I anticipate both of these calls will at least triple in price in their respective time frames. Please do not buy call options if you are not familiar. I am simply stating what I did with the awareness that one or two good tips from the Lord can make your financial life easier. He is so amazing in His willingness to bless us. And so I hope His blessing doesn't flow just to me - to all of us - but through us to others. What an incredible loving generous approachable Father we have, so willing to guide and direct so we flourish and be a blessing to others.

Update as of January 13, 2010 11:00 am: I had made a paper profit on the Ford calls the last couple of days but today there was a downgrade from a Buy to Hold so there is a selloff of Ford. I sold my calls at a small loss and will wait to buy more calls after I see where this presumably short-term selloff bottoms out.

Update as of January 21, 2010 8:00 am: It is interesting I had made a paper profit on both the DIA and Ford calls the couple of days after January 8 but I did not sell. Today, since I don't have the stomach for the volatility in options, I also sold my DIA calls at a loss. I do believe all the Lord has said about the DOW and Ford. But I think options are not the strategy I am comfortable with.

Update as of January 27, 2010 Noon: The market has had about a 5.7% correction from a high of 10,719 to today's low so far of 10,104. I am reminded of my September 29, 2009 post, "I also prayed about the stretch from now at approximately 10,000 in September to approximately 12,000 in April 2010 as I had twice seen several weeks ago a vision of black candlesticks swords trying to attack the DOW (sellers, short-sellers) in the range of 11,000. I believe the area between 10,000 and 12,000 in the approximate area of 11,000 might be a bit bumpy. But the Lord has also shown me in prayer that He will support the market through this stretch." So I am praying for the manifestation of this September revelation as well as the other revelations that despite short sellers, the Lord will be supporting the market through April.