May 23, 2011

Continuous Kairos Moment

I wanted to give an update and share a beautiful new place of belief and awareness I have entered into that may be uplifting to you as well. The Father and Jesus, we all know, want us to live in full trust with our taking each day at a time. Our plans are to be as the Lord is willing. Sometimes this is easier understood than done because we second guess if we really heard from the Lord or if its our imagination and presumption. But thank goodness I think I finally get the messages He is giving me. So I hope by my transparency about my financial struggles and what He has done for me, you will be inspired and blessed if you are struggling and feel oppression in any area of your life.

I have shared that I believe my financial drought over the last year and a half has been like Elijah being fed by ravens or daily manna from heaven. See:
What is the miracle of lasting insight is the Lord has supernaturally provided just enough for me not to sell anything (I own more than one property). The Bible says He will provide for our needs. But there is no promise in the New Testament of the “Inheritance” I have written about before being specific to a home or other real estate. However, I deeply believe that part of each of our destiny’s in the Lord, how he created us before our birth and the people we will bless, also involves an Inheritance:
An Inheritance may not come in the manner you wish, the giants that threaten to steal the Inheritance from you will certainly loom quite large. You know the Lord is able. But you question when financial drought goes on for a long time if He is willing, or you were just presumptuous. These are the self-doubts and questions I have been honest with the Lord repeatedly over the last year and half.

But He gave me clear messages through my tumultuous seas. Each time I experienced less than two months of cash in the bank given my anticipated income (and there was more than one time this happened), He provided another real estate commission for me completely out of the blue, the surprise of a new client I had never met before. This pattern of Him providing for me literally at last minute and just-in-time has not just been a confirmation but actually proof to me He doesn’t want me to sell anything (which would be a fire sale in this market). In my journal I even included print outs from my bank account so I would never forget the unquestionably miraculous timings of His just-in-time provisions.

Second, this experience of Him providing despite the drought has been a confirmation of a word He gave me on July 10, 2010. He told me, “You shall pay off all your debt no matter how low an interest rate. You shall drive out all your enemy of debt and not leave one dollar owed standing. You shall hang up your shingle in real estate but help those who come to you. You shall not run after them. They shall seek you. You shall use your wealth to create another memorial to Me. You do not know it yet. But your heart is that it be free. You want to never sell Me or take money for Me but use your money to give Me to others. The wealth of a father is stored up for sons. You have seen the waters flowing with not stopping. The time of rapid increase has begun.”
How true this has been! I worked and worked and marketed and marketed and called and called in my real estate brokerage and nothing happened, dry ground. Then, when I truly needed it, clients whom I did not chase sought me out of the blue. It was the most glorious feeling experiencing the love of the Father this way. He is the provider and my excess labors were futile. He was teaching me it’s better to wait on Him and work as is needed rather than be a workaholic and strive.

I am reminded of another word He gave, which, again, I have experienced in fullness this past year:
“Capitalism! Capitalism! The greed has overtaken you. When you return to a good day’s labor, to helping another, to fixing and growing and inventing and instilling and creating and climbing and bringing up that within your reach, then I will bless your coffers and pour out an abundance you cannot contain.
“I see your honest labor. I see you pour yourself out for another and receiving not enough. But I see and I will supplement what is in your hand in due time.
“My people are tired because they’re focused on the money. But do an honest day’s work. Work for someone and bless them with your good work. And see your soul will be filled. And I see. Yes I see. I will add all these things to you that you lack such that you will be refreshed again.
“I have hedged you in left, right, front and back so you cannot run away. You cannot escape the test. But I have set up the tests so you will pass! You are my prize students! Test for your benefit so you pass and excel, excel in The Way. Such is the way of a carpenter, I know, to make beautiful things people use. Or of a shepherd. Or of a servant and heaven-sent king. Give through working, through helping and it will be given to you good measure and pressed down to overflow in your bosom.
“Do not be so spiritual that they do not see a good worker, a good laborer, a good servant in their company or family or church.
“Go into the world and be my lights. Pour yourself out and see I refresh you as I pour Myself into you. That is how cups overflow, by pouring.”

And here is another word that has been true in spades for me, especially this year:
“You are in the midst of a massive kairos moment.
“Tell your friends, child, tell your dear dear brothers and sisters I am not shaking, although it may appear that way, I am shifting. I have to make more room for Me, more room for my gifts, more room for my abundance. Will you rest? Will you rest from your labors?
“I know you are tired of dry fields. I know you are tired of fields that barely supply your year’s bread. I am the Bread of Life. When your bread is used up I will multiply. You will have to let go. You will have to leave something, an old way, ways that no longer work, dead ways. You know what may have been a stream is now dried up, dried up with no enthusiasm. This is your kairos moment. As the winds swirl, so I’m shifting your atmosphere.
“Come! Take the time to explore. Because when you leave one land you will enter another. You can’t see the other fully but it is a very very good land where you will find peace and rest from your enemies. All of you have kairos moments! All of you! I love you! Feel My winds blow on you! I envelop you like the winds from the corners of the earth, all of you! Come! Let the two of us, Me and you, enjoy your kairos moment together. Do not hesitate. This is more real than what you have now which is fleeting. Dare! Dare! Dare to explore and find your good report and a land overflowing with peace and rest. I LOVE YOU.”

He has wanted me to rest from my labors, my struggling, my striving. Like a good Father who instructs, I believe He withheld real estate commissions from me despite my striving in my brokerage because He didn’t want that fleshly behavior rewarded. Rather, He wanted to reward my behavior of living day to day, doing an honest day’s work helping people irrespective of the potential pay, and not striving and reaching for additional financial gain. And that is exactly and precisely what He has done for me the last year and a half. I’ve learned my lesson so well (I hope) that you can’t encourage me to go seek additional business now. I’ve learned it doesn’t work, at least for me. But, when I need more money to pay the next few months of bills and mortgages, He will bring the business to me. It’s been a surreal feeling of dwelling in the miraculous atmosphere involving the provision of the Lord. But I won’t have it any other way now. 2010 and 2011 are my “manna years”, always receiving enough in time and I hope to never step out of this way of living.

Second, you will notice in the word He gave me (as well as multiple other words He has given me) that I am to pay off all my mortgage debt. There is no way I can work to do that because I have only been making enough to pay the mortgage due, and not pay down the debt. Plus my mortgage debt, owning a California home, is huge. So this is where I am waiting patiently and continue to pray and intercede on two stock investments. I call these the two arks I have built with the Lord. I’m simply waiting on the floodwaters to happen which will lift my arks up. I have absolutely no doubt I have built the right arks.

What I have learned, in summary, is working in all its forms is about serving people and helping them and loving them, not about money. I may feel I need the money (more aptly described as “want”) but sometimes I am put in a position to help someone who needs it even more. For example, a client who has to sell their home because they need to put their twins through college. I cut my commission to the bone and view it as a gift to their family. I’m giving to their family, and I know with confidence and peace that God will take care of my needs. Isn’t this the way the Christian life is supposed to be? We just help the people put in our path and not look for an opportunity to exploit the situation for our gain.

Living this way is a “land overflowing with peace and rest.” This kind of living is indeed an ongoing miracle, an ongoing kairos moment where all events seemed coordinated within a soothing sea of protection and peace despite short-term ripples of trouble. I won’t trade what I have been through, the reoccurring heartaches and tears as I questioned, then gained further insight into, what was happening and why. I wouldn’t trade this living for the world.

“I have given them your word and the world has hated them, for they are not of the world any more than I am of the world. My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one. They are not of the world, even as I am not of it.”
John 17:14-16