July 19, 2011

No market crash, No contagion to US, ‘Little Engine That Could’ Market, Rising Spiritual Waters, EQ & Hurricane Irene

A friend emailed me today sharing some believe there will be a sharp market drop and, in my response to him, I realized I never blogged in a separate post my update to http://propheticinvestor.blogspot.com/2011/01/dow-to-14000-rich-man.html which included guidance from the Lord about the stock market as well as a word I find to be wonderfully encouraging.
I am not posting this to undermine anyone's belief about the market, we all receive differently, but to make it easier for anyone to read what I posted back in June.  If I'm wrong, then I'm wrong.  And if you have read my blog over time you will know that even if no one reads what I write, I will continue to blog because I strongly believe what I post is made manifest to the heavenlies.  That there is power in the written and spoken words out of our mouths when they are aligned with His will.  And that I have a duty to speak and write what I hear and see (and, of course, I seek not to be deceived or in error). I know I received this email today from a friend I generally don't correspond with to remind me to make this post (the Lord actually gently prompted me some weeks ago but I felt the Tithing vs. Giving was important enough to leave as my latest post for a while).

Here are those posts because they may be timely for you. They are very timely for me because I had actually forgotten the Rising Spiritual Waters of Prosperity prophecy and it is certainly encouraging to me right now. How good God is. When circumstances are discouraging (you are supplied just enough manna from heaven, He provides your daily bread dependably, but your dreams seem - likely an illusion and lie - dashed into broken shards on the ground) and you praise Him nonetheless because He is God Almighty and always in benevolent and grace-bestowing control over all situations and, thus, deserves praise and acknowledgement through whatever pain we have (He is “on the throne” in Bible-speak), then you know He will send a glimmer of hope. He did that to me just now and I am rejoicing and so grateful! He is so good! Rising Spiritual Waters of Prosperity is a tremendous word, at least to me. I had completely forgotten it and, as is His pattern with me, He will remind me when something is important. Hope it is a gift for you, too.

Update as of June 20, 2011 11am:

Over the last couple of months I have seen in a faint vision, but repeated, the DOW hitting the approximate area of 12,000 hard three, possibly four, times, as if trying to break through to the downside. It will not succeed. After three or four attempts by bearish, fear-intoxicated forces in the economy and market, the DOW will resume its upward, slow climb towards 14,000. Note on February 28, 2011 I tweeted, “I told a friend I believe God that the market will not crash. I believe 12K is rough support although in the future it might dip to 11,800” and “The Little Engine That Could market is chugging along slowying uphill” and “Interesting I wrote ‘slowying uphill’, then saw the spirit-slip [meaning slip in words in the spirit, much like a Freudian slip] later. Perhaps the climb is slowing but still going, overall, slowly uphill.” On March 11, 2011 I tweeted, “So still waiting on prophecies: no mkt crash, mkt going to 14K, no sovereign debt contagion, more changing of US leadership, KATX doing well.” And on March 14, 2011 I tweeted, “Sorry no more to share re market. See Feb 28 tweet ‘12K is rough support’ & ‘the climb is slowing but still going, overall, slowly uphill.’” On March 18, 2011 I tweeted, “Feb28 tweet; I believe 12K is rough support although in the future it might dip to 11,800. Numbers/fluctuations are approx. This all happened.” And on April 28, 2011 I tweeted, “A repost of ‘Dow to 14,000’, a little blue engine that chugged on, no catastrophic crashes in the market: http://tinyurl.com/3k78lye”. So far the market has behaved exactly as the Lord has prophesied through me according to my faith that He indeed communicated to me. There have been no market crashes, 12,000 has been the support, and the market has resumed its upward climb after every correction like the little blue train engine that could (you need to have read the children’s book, “The Little Engine That Could” by Watty Piper to understand the Lord’s metaphor about this market).

I still emphatically believe I have heard the Lord over these many months and 12K will be the rough support for the market and the market will not crash. I will celebrate the liberty of America, whom God helped birth, this Fourth of July!

[Note: I believe this vision is of a movie already in progress and of the Dow since January 2011. It hit hard the 12,000 range in March 2011 and again in June 2011.  I believe there will be one or two more pull backs to the 12,000 range. Again, this is my sense of the vision.  As a reminder, here is the prophecy from January 2, 2011:

“One more word, child. You have noticed the economy warmed as I said. The Dow is rising to 12,000 as I said. So hear this, the bears and those crying wolf want the sky to fall, a disastrous event, a retribution with fire from heaven. But hear this, I breathe life, I breathe life, I breathe life that my children who have suffered the fire might shine like bright gold. Oh, and yes! The Dow will chug, chug, chug along like that little engine that could. I think it can, I know it can! Watch 14,000. Not soon, longer than a year. But that little blue engine with a noble heart chugged, chugged, chugged on. So no catastrophic crashes, no flash floods in the market. How boring! Grace falls like dew from the sky. But be aware and on guard. The word for you, Sierra, is treasure the maturity learned in affliction. Lessons are a greater treasure than portfolios. A man’s worth is not measured in dollars. Where your heart is, there your treasure is. Job was a rich man indeed, a very rich man. His heart saw me.”

Update as of June 30, 2011 12:00 pm: I had packed up my computer and gone out into my garden to thank the Lord for this last blog post update and to pray. I was filled with the Spirit and started thanking Him for the liberty in America. And then I asked Him to bless every single man, woman and child in America who places their trust wholly in Him. As I write this I feel His Spirit so heavy on and in me, the anointing is so strong. “There will be a breakthrough,” the Lord says, “there will be a breakthrough for every single citizen of America who is a citizen of heaven. My economy is not the world’s with its systems and manipulations. My economy breaks through the walls of worry. My economy is the engine of all engines. Cast all your cares on Me because I care for you and will never let you drown. You will swim, yes, swim with great bold strokes of joy in the sunlight. You won’t feel the chill of the waters. You won’t care there are sharks in the water. You will swim and swim in the deep waters of my Spirit because I alone will uphold. Go to Ezekiel and understand this. This is a time of a great outpouring of my Spirit. I will honor Kim Clement. You must give honor where it is due. There are those who swim and swim and swim against the tide. They have been betrayed. Friends have left them. Family counts them losers. But you, you, you, all of you, shall be catapulted into a new place of glory because I am doing a great work! Rejoice because your time of glory and joy, yes, joy you have lost, is upon you! Swim!! Swim!! Swim!! Swim!! My waters are rising!!”

I looked up the passage in Ezekiel the Lord referenced. I have never studied these passages before. The first thing that caught my eye is the stark difference between the healing and restorative powers of the waters of the Lord and the “swamps and marshes [which] will not be healed; they will be given over to salt [which, in this context, kills life].” Ezekiel 47:11 As challenging as things are in the natural, in the spiritual a great shift He has spoken of and which I have written over the past months and years is underway. As hard as it has been for many of us, we are chosen to live in such a time in this. We are set apart, sanctified for this time. I am seeing in the spirit, I see it so clearly I can even taste it and smell it and experience it, the vast flood of His spiritual waters that He is about to bestow on us and on those who don’t yet believe and trust in Him. It is for many, many, many more than just those who now love Him. It is a great harvest. These rising waters are so marvelous, so awesome. I am not saying this is the time Ezekiel spoke of. But there are rising waters very similar to what Ezekiel saw nonetheless. We all had to be humbled and fractured and our clay remolded into new shapes, new wineskins prepared, to receive Him in such a glorious way and to pour out our blessings onto others. I am so ready to swim in His rising waters, aren’t you? Oh my goodness, praise GOD!!!!!!

1 Then he brought me back to the door of the temple; and there was water, flowing from under the threshold of the temple toward the east, for the front of the temple faced east; the water was flowing from under the right side of the temple, south of the altar. 2 He brought me out by way of the north gate, and led me around on the outside to the outer gateway that faces east; and there was water, running out on the right side.
3 And when the man went out to the east with the line in his hand, he measured one thousand cubits, and he brought me through the waters; the water came up to my ankles. 4 Again he measured one thousand and brought me through the waters; the water came up to my knees. Again he measured one thousand and brought me through; the water came up to my waist. 5 Again he measured one thousand, and it was a river that I could not cross; for the water was too deep, water in which one must swim, a river that could not be crossed.
6 He said to me, "Son of man, have you seen this?" Then he brought me and returned me to the bank of the river. 7 When I returned, there, along the bank of the river, were very many trees on one side and the other. 8 Then he said to me: "This water flows toward the eastern region, goes down into the valley, and enters the sea. When it reaches the sea, its waters are healed. 9 And it shall be that every living thing that moves, wherever the rivers go, will live. There will be a very great multitude of fish, because these waters go there; for they will be healed, and everything will live wherever the river goes. 10 It shall be that fishermen will stand by it from En Gedi to En Eglaim; they will be places for spreading their nets. Their fish will be of the same kinds as the fish of the Great Sea, exceedingly many. 11 But its swamps and marshes will not be healed; they will be given over to salt. 12 Along the bank of the river, on this side and that, will grow all kinds of trees used for food; their leaves will not wither, and their fruit will not fail. They will bear fruit every month, because their water flows from the sanctuary. Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for medicine."
Ezekiel 47:1-12 (NKJV)

Update as of August 5, 2011 10 am:

I received the following email from a prophetic friend I haven’t corresponded with in many months and sent him the following reply.  I don’t receive many emails regarding prophecy simply because I am largely anonymous and few prophetic friends have my email address. So when I do receive an email, sometimes I am aware it is very timely for me.

About an hour after the email exchange I had the following vision:

I saw a man lying on the ground with fear like blood flowing out of him. He appeared unconscious or barely awake with eyes closed. I was very aware the man represented the market. Then, after a while which may be days or even weeks (sometimes it is hard for me to tell in a vision) I saw a clear liquid like energy which represents the Lord’s Spirit and Grace flow into the man. The man revived, sat up and stood up.

I have been interceding for the market that it will not crash and only correct. You will see in my email exchange that I am truly happy that other prophetic investors saw the market correction with timing accuracy. I have seen a number of corrections of the market slamming the approximately 12,000 support but not the timing. I am honestly thrilled some are making terrific profits with accurate timing! But if you know my blog, my heart is with the overall economy and market. I feel called to intercede consistently and strongly on behalf of America. Interceding for America’s economy and the stock market is “the field that I plow”. So is it not interesting we all see and know in part? There can be more than one accurate prophetic impression – some long term, some short term – and like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle the prophetic impressions fit together to create the greater, lovely picture. For those who feel led, thank you for interceding for the economy and market, for the spirit of fear to bleed out and the grace of the Lord to be manifest.

1st email from “Friend” to “Sierra” at 7am PST:

Just wanted you to know I was praying for protection for you yesterday - I have 3 secular gentlemen here at work that are interested in tracking the market with me - and I send them a little email report every week or so with 3-4 proprietary indicators I watch. Yours is one of them and so telling them about your ministry has opened up some interesting spiritual discussions. Of all the indicators, your words have been the most accurate.

In any case, I can't wait to give my little report today - I was kind of chuckling on the way home last night about the panic in the market - how the world blows to and fro with every wind. I was comforted by the following words - no crash, DOW 14,000, the little choo-choo that could, and 12,000 rough support with 3-4 attempts to breach it. These words are a continual encouragement and standard we can run to.

Many blessings and supernatural strength and refreshment to you!

2nd email from “Sierra” to “Friend” at 8:45am when the market was down about 100 points:

Thank you so much for your support! I have certainly been praying and reminding the Lord He said the market would not crash, although we have had a whopper of a correction. I normally don’t read much at [site deleted] but recently have and am honestly thrilled [name deleted] et al saw in the Spirit the correction. However, I am praying against the 20% crash. This is will have disastrous effects, IMO and I believe God’s opinion, on the economy. We are so fragile now and a 20% correction could really knock many Americans down substantially (not that they are invested in the stock market but the ripple effect). I see Grace from Him. In fact, I was thanking Him this morning that the market fears seem to have cooled off a tad today. I’m am hoping, though, [name deleted] et al have had strong profits from the correction.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence to receive your email of encouragement. It means so much to me!! Thank you!

Update as of August 5, 2011 11am:

Just as I finished the blog update today, below is another email I received from a different friend who only emails me once or twice a month. I don’t think the two emails I received this morning were a coincidence. Quite the opposite, these friends have emailed a different perspective on the market anxieties which is quite an encouragement to me given what I believe the Lord has said regarding no crash. Is it not amazing what just a little unity and encouragement will do? After the first email exchange, that “Friend” wrote me again and said, “I stand with you on the East Coast to decree to the DOW no more crashes and to resume the climb.” A little unity in prayer can move mountains.

11am email from another friend:

A little girl walked to and from school daily.

Though the weather that morning was questionable and clouds were forming, she made her daily trek to school.

As the afternoon progressed, the winds whipped up, along with lightning.

The mother of the little girl felt concerned that her daughter would be frightened as she walked home from school. She also feared the electrical storm might harm her child.

Full of concern, the mother got into her car and quickly drove along the route to her child's school.  As she did, she saw her little girl walking along.  At each flash of lightning, the child would stop, look up, and smile.

More lighting followed quickly and with each, the little girl would look at the streak of light and smile.

When the mother drew up beside the child, she lowered the window and called, "What are you doing?"

The child answered, "I am trying to look pretty because God keeps taking my picture."

May God bless you today & every day as you face the storms that come your way!

Update as of August 6, 2011 11:45 am:

This morning I have had a great burden to intercede for America. I’ve been praying almost constantly this morning, for hours, much in tongues, much taking authority over negative words and prophecies spoken over America because some prophecies are warnings and can be reversed with intercession. God can and does change His mind in response to intercession and/or repentance. I rarely get in this mode of continuous intercession, but when I do something “big” is at stake. We Christians simply must avert further crisis in America.

Late this morning a girl friend sent the following link. I did not know of this day of United Prayer of America. I started to get Holy Spirit goose bumps and chills all over as I watched. Then I realized this is a live feed and going on this morning. No wonder I was led to intercede this morning, the Lord is obviously calling multitudes to prayer.

Please intercede for this great country. Let the sons of God spread our voices and caring hearts over this great land and invite God’s remedy and redemption for this country.

The Response: a call to prayer for a nation in crisis

P.S. 4:30pm: I prayed and praised continuously with all who came together with united voices and hearts in "The Response" day of prayer for our nation.  I joined (via live streaming from my computer to my TV) at 11:30 am and the day of prayer ended at 2:30 pm.  Today, the day after the S&P downgrade of the US, was obviously a divinely appointed day of unity in raising up our hearts and voices to Jesus as God and Lord over All, even Lord over America.  Through boldness, thousands collectively entered His throne room of Grace.  The multitudes in The Response invited Him into America to heal our wounded land.  I have not felt such a tremendous Presence of His Spirit in a massive gathering (over 100,000 in the stadium and via live streaming on the web) in a long time.  I believe He was honored, heard and will intervene on behalf of America.  I am grateful to my friend (you know who you are :) who emailed me to join.

Update as August 7, 2011 2:30 pm:

I realize this is a very long blog with many updates on the stock market, economy and believers raising their hearts and voices in unity to the God and His Christ to intervene supernaturally in this great land. I believe with every single cell in my body that intercessory prayer coupled with faith moves mountains. The words He has spoken through me about no market crashes, the little engine that could stock market that chugs along slowly uphill (with corrections), a warming of the economy, no contagion of Europe to the US, etc. will continue to come to pass. I constantly intercede over the words He has spoken with committed faith in my heart, much as Joshua and Caleb kept in their hearts and mouths God’s promises as they were apprehending the Promised Land. They had to pray and act and move in concert with what God had told them, responding with their mouths and actions and not spiritual passivity. Thus, they had victory. But, the good news is in the midst of spiritual warfare and commotion there is rest. The Lord reminded me of the following personal revelation in early 2009 which I believe He wants me to share now. Note the date was February 2009 and in the midst of a great economic and stock market crisis. May you rest on the rose petals of His words, like Jesus slept in the boat in the midst of a fierce storm.

Personal Journal entry February 18, 2009: Last evening I was taking a nap. I was sleeping in a couple feet thick of beautiful rose petals. I didn’t know what it meant. Later that evening I realized the petals are His words. I can rest on His promises.

Additional Personal Journal entries later:
I saw myself resting on a few foot thick bed of rose petals. The rose petals are His words, each petal one of His words to me which I have journaled, spoken out and believed. And that I can rest on His specific words (Hebrews 3 & 4).
I can sleep on the “rose petals” of the revelation I’ve received. His words are like a rose petals forming a soft bed, on which I can depend and rest.

Update as of August 8, 2011 9 pm:

Tweets from today:

I didn't see this sharp & deep correction as I didn't see the 3-6-09 mkt crash going so low (to ~6600 instead of 7200) http://propheticinvestor.blogspot.com/2009/02/test.html

But it is interesting on 3-6-09 the S&P closed at 666. Today it was down 6.66%. Spiritual correlation? We can only wait and see.

A friend sent this to me just now [9pm]. Tisha B'Av starts this evening at sunset through tomorrow at nightfall tomorrow: http://www.aish.com/h/9av/mm/98394544.html

One more link she sent. Tisha B'Av all started with a NEGATIVE/FALSE report from the spies leading to TEARS OF DESPAIR. http://www.aish.com/h/9av/mm/Crash_Course_on_Tisha_BAv.html

Only two, Joshua & Caleb, had a POSITIVE report, while other spies spoke disparagingly of entering the "Promised Land": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tisha_B'Av

I wrote the girl friend who sent the links to me this evening and copied another girl friend with whom I prayed today:

I was naïve and did not know Tisha B’Av started this evening. S&P down 6.66% today (“666”) and the ninth day of Av begins this evening (Tisha B'Av). I called [name deleted] to pray today. When she and I prayed at about 3:07 pm EST the market literally rose over 175 points from about -525 to about -350. I was bawling as she and I prayed and I watched the market rise. But she and I had both had to go as we had meetings. I felt in the pit of my stomach that without praying together the market would fall, but both of us to go. I had no idea it would fall so much. I believe the 6.66% is God’s marker.

I’m copying [name deleted]. She and I prayed for redemption, grace, God’s intervention as He desires. We prayed in tongues to be in agreement in His Spirit. I’m copying [friend’s name deleted]. She and I prayed for redemption, grace, God’s intervention as He desires. We prayed in tongues to be in agreement in His Spirit.

Correction, I should have written “When she and I began praying at 3:06 pm EST the market literally rose over 150 points from worse than -500 to better than -350.” I would like to blog this (I won’t mention your names) because SOMETHING SPIRITUAL is going on here. Please remember on March 6, 2009 the S&P touched a low of 666 (another “666” marker). I believe God is looking for Caleb’s and Joshua’s to say “Yes, God!! You can turn around America and You alone are our God and King!!” in the face of all the Tish B’Av woe-is-me’s and woe-is-the-US badmouthing. I believe it is NOT a coincidence two “happened” to agree in intercessory prayer seeking the Lord and the market “happened” to reverse course sharply during that prayer time. I’m not thinking highly of us, not at all. In fact, it’s nothing more than two, any two, coming together in prayer and fervently interceding. Maybe others were praying at exactly the same stretch of time for the stock market. If so, tremendous. I may be a silly fool but I don’t want to commit the original sin of Tish B’Av. That sin of negative and false reports about the Promised Land and enemies in that land scares me to the core. It is akin to taking to heart all the bad reports of all those speaking great evil about America. We have gigantic problems but Jesus is much more massive and powerful than our problems. Oh, she and I also prayed that God will fire, remove from office, some of those leaders (both political and business) who are injuring America. We prayed Jesus be King of America. It was not a long time of praying but we covered a lot of ground quickly. I’m grateful to both of you!! You sent me the links about “The Response” day of prayer and Tish B’Av. There is something very important spiritually going on now. I don’t know what. But I do know the markers (Day of Prayer, 666 today, Tish B’Av today) are quite spiritual. It is actually an exciting time to believe.

Update as of August 9, 2011 8:30 am:

I received the following from my friend who originally emailed me on August 5, above.  I read Numbers 13 and 14 last night and am exceedingly grateful to my Caleb and Joshua friends who say as Caleb did, "Then Caleb silenced the people before Moses and said, "We should go up and take possession of the land [America], for we can certainly do it." Num 13:30 (NIV).  They are not as the multitude of others saying, "We can't attack those people [America’s problems]; they are stronger than we are." And they spread among the Israelites a bad report about the land they had explored. They said, "The land we explored devours those living in it. All the people [America’s problems] we saw there are of great size. We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes [pathetically weak without God], and we looked the same to them." Numbers 13:31-33 (NIV)  The email below shows the spirit of Joshua praying for recovery of the economy and market.

Hi PT,

Having read your blog, in prayer I am reminded of some simple scriptures...

Acts 14:19-20 - Then some Jews came from Antioch and Iconium and won the crowd over.  They stoned Paul and dragged him outside the city, thinking he was dead.  But after the disciples had gathered around him, he got up and went back into the city.  The next day he and Barnabas left for Derbe.

Luke 10:30-37 - In reply Jesus said: “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he was attacked by robbers. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead. 31 A priest happened to be going down the same road, and when he saw the man, he passed by on the other side. 32 So too, a Levite, when he came to the place and saw him, passed by on the other side. 33 But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him. 34 He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him. 35 The next day he took out two denarii[c] and gave them to the innkeeper. ‘Look after him,’ he said, ‘and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.’    36 “Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?”  37 The expert in the law replied, “The one who had mercy on him.”  Jesus told him, “Go and do likewise.”

I am "gathering around" the dead man with you and your interceding friends...pouring on oil and wine. 

Update as of August 9, 2011 7:30 pm:

The DOW finished up about 430 points today. The S&P finished up 4.74% after it was down 6.66% (“666”) yesterday. Here is one more email received today from a friend that I thought was tremendous:

You wrote, "If people couldn’t make money on the short side they would actually pray for companies and America." That is so true, and just a tear jerker. Your ministry helped me to see that.

WOW, that Tisha B'Av thing really rings true! Amazing - had never heard of it before! It does make the picture much clearer regarding attitude and agreeing with God. AND it flies in the face of those in our own land who agree with judgment! Moses, Abraham, Jonah - all these guys were the first to ask God to hold off judgment - and he honored their requests!

Well, I'm just as guilty as everybody else, in attitude and actions, but am grateful for revelation to be rescued from it - as David said, Psalm 51:10 "Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me."

So, I watched that video - Israel being given a part to play in conquering the land God was giving them. But something, Satan, or the spirit of fear, or the doubt originally cast into Eve, kept them from moving into their destiny. So God single-handedly rescued Israel out of Egypt, but later he called on THEM to bust a move. Just like parents and their kids - teach them once, then it's their turn to move out. Man is supposed to be a manager on the earth, and God is challenging us to take up that role.

So now I can't help but wonder if we are in a similar situation. Against prognostication, God has driven up the markets. But now we are confronted with the giants in the land and God is expecting the Joshua spirits to do something different. Our backs are kind of to the wall - like in my bear dream when the bears were about to tear down the door. I feel God showing me this market event is a test from Him to say, "So, what are YOU gonna do about it?"

This will develop through intercession as it already is. But please do continue to share strategy. It is faith-building!

Oh, I was reminded of this scripture today - Joshua 10:12 - On the day the LORD gave the Amorites over to Israel, Joshua said to the LORD in the presence of Israel: "O sun, stand still over Gibeon, O moon, over the Valley of Aijalon." DOW DECLINE STOP!

Much conquering and success to you and your interceding friends!

I wrote my friend back:

Yes! Thank you for all you write. I am very convicted I must have a Caleb and Joshua spirit. Imagine, only 2 out of THOUSANDS of others believed God’s greater purpose. Only a tiny two (not counting Moses). I didn’t know much about Tish B’Av but I am exceedingly aware God is emphatically saying, “So, what are YOU gonna do about it?" I believe there are tests of all believers going on. [May we] “stand in the gap” like Moses, Abraham, Jonah, Caleb, Joshua, etc.

Update as of August 11, 2011 9:00 pm:

I wrote the friend above on August 8, 2011, “If people couldn’t make money on the short side they would actually pray [differently] for companies and America.” I’m sorry if this sounds judgmental but I do believe if monetary profit were not such a strong incentive to “play” the downside and we could only “play” (e.g. invest or trade) the upside, then our prayer life on behalf of companies and America would be different. This is my opinion and many disagree with me strongly. Here is an interesting article today. I guess some European countries agree with my opinion (not that they know it!):

Aug. 11, 2011, 8:28 p.m. EDT
Four European countries impose short-selling ban
By Carla Mozee, MarketWatch

LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) — France and three other European countries are banning short selling, with the moves coming after weeks of wild swings in global equity markets, reflecting investor worries about slowing growth, debt burdens and credit downgrades.

Belgium, Italy and Spain round out the other countries that will impose or extend existing short-selling bans beginning Friday, according to a statement from the European Securities and Marketing Authority late Thursday. The ESMA coordinates securities and trading rules among European Union member states.

Short sales are bets that a stock price will decline over time. In a regular short sale, the seller borrows a stock and sells it, understanding that the loan must be repaid by buying the stock.

The authorities in the respective countries have decided to impose the bans “either to restrict the benefits that can be achieved from spreading false rumors or to achieve a regulatory level playing field, given the close interlinkage between some E.U. markets, ESMA said.

The French ban will prevent creating a short position or increasing any net-short position in French securities in the financial sector, according to French regulator AMF in a statement. The order covers 11 entities, including BNP Paribas (EPA:FR:BNP), Crédit Agricole (EPA:FR:ACA) and Société Générale (EPA:FR:GLE).

Shares of French banks were rocked this week, in part on fears that France could lose its AAA credit rating, though surges on Thursday helped limit losses toward week’s end. The shares faced weekly losses ranging from 12% to 16%.

The Stoxx Europe 600 Index (STX:XX:SXXP) was on track for a weekly decline of more than 3%.  The ban on short sales recalls an order by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in September 2008 that prohibited short sales of 799 financial stocks through October of that year. The other entities affected by the short-selling ban by France are April Group, AXA SA (EPA:FR:CS) , CIC, CNP Assurances (EPA:FR:CNP) , Euler Hermès (EPA:FR:ELE) , Natixis (EPA:FR:KN) , Paris Ré, and Scor.

Update as of August 21, 2011 2:50 pm:

I have been praying in tongues (on the inside, under my breath) much of the days, even sometimes when I dream or just upon waking. In fact, the last weeks have been heightened intercession with very limited new revelation. Today I received this word at 1:10 pm:

“‘Confidence! Confidence! We have no confidence!’ Cries and cries, I have heard them all,” says the Lord. “Why when the winds blow and the earth shakes and I have said it will blow and blow but do not lose heart and yet you lose heart? See? Winds don’t blow forever. This too shall pass.

“Watch the stock market revive. The economy is warm and not cold. I told you no contagion. Do you not trust? Hear a good report. See My right hand of redemption. I do not steal, kill and destroy. But I prune. I clip, clip, clip with my shears to remove the dead wood. Speak life! See my redemption! Will you allow me to prune? Why do you worry? Winds will blow worry into your heart, or you can blow worry away and stand. Pray like Moses prayed. Pray like Daniel prayed. Walk like Enoch walked. Usher in My kingdom and strong arm with your praises and prayer and I will answer. You will see great and mighty miracles. Do you no longer believe in miracles because you watch the winds and feel the earth quake? I am looking for those who will climb a stairway to heaven in boldness and bring down treasures for this nation. Call to Me with righteous prayers and I will answer you,” says the Lord.

I am reminded of a word from Him in the past and searched for it after receiving the above. It is from over a year ago on April 29, 2010:

“The USA shall defy the sovereign debt crises. The USA shall be immune from the contagion. Yes, I see the ballooning debt, ballooning like a gargantuan bubble gum bubble. But there shall not be a market crash! Have I not said I will support the market? Have I not said my people are in America’s companies? Have I not said I am restoring the finances of my people? Do you think I am one to trick and say, “Just kidding!”? Do not think I will trick you!

 “Do not be waffling in the wind, child. The winds are blowing stronger and stronger. The earth cries out for My rising glory. The earth cries out for My sons and daughters to arise into their fullness and take control of the elements. My sons and daughters shall have dominion. There is clapping in the winds. There is rejoicing of the earth even in the storms. Turn off the news. Listen [to the news] but don’t keep listening. Tune your radio to heaven. There are songs in heaven my children must bring to earth.

“The tea partiers are coming over on the Mayflower. They are carrying May flowers of peace, flowers of my Prince of Peace. They shall tip and topple established ways through flowers of Peace. They strike with a flower. Ah, what a mighty flower! You have not seen anything like it since the 1960’s flower children. A movement of change.

“The winds shall increase. They shall buffet about. Stand firm, child. Storms shall threaten and be angry but I shall clear them. Turn off the news, child. Hold out the scepter of My word to the winds.”

Please note the vague vision and beliefs I posted in February and June 2011 (see above) I had about the support of the DOW being 12,000 were indeed a vague vision and my interpretation of that vague vision.  I obviously did not see this very severe correction.  Please know I place a great deal of “prophetic weight” when I receive a word or even a very vivid vision with the import of “thus says the Lord.”  I certainly pray to limit my errors in any prophetic gift I might have.  Even though it is very uncomfortable for me to publish these “thus says the Lord” words because of the weight and responsibility to be correct, I feel I must overcome my hesitation to speak them out to make them manifest to the heavenlies.  Thank goodness there is mercy for prophets to be wrong without being a false prophet.  Otherwise there is not a single new covenant prophet standing who hasn't had error time to time.  I hope you understand when I publish a “thus says the Lord” word it is with much trembling in my spirit that I am serving Him well.  Given my error on the vague vision, I have changed the title of this long blog post from “12,000 approx. support for the DOW & Rising Spiritual Waters of Prosperity” (which reflected my vague vision) to a title which more closely reflects the words spoken, “No market crash, No contagion to US, ‘Little Engine That Could’ Market & Rising Spiritual Waters”

Update as of August 23, 2011 4:45 pm:

I just became aware of Hurricane Irene this morning, was moved and prayed there would not be much loss of life, if any. I didn’t think there was any link with August 21's prophecy until I learned of an unusual earthquake this afternoon (about 2pm Eastern Daylight Time) on the east coast that even shook our nation’s capital and was felt in Wall Street:

I had interpreted the Lord’s reference to winds and earthquakes the other day and in April 2010 as primarily figurative, referring to these turbulent times in America. But I find the timing two days later of a literal hurricane and a literal, unusual earthquake very interesting. I am sure many prophets have prophesied about hurricanes and earthquakes, I am not the only one. And we can be sure hurricanes and earthquakes will continue to affect America due to geology and weather patterns. I simply find the timing two days later very interesting. And even more interesting is the Lord’s beckoning us to intercede against those winds and earthquakes. So I will continue to pray. If Jesus spoke to the storm and quieted it, so might we in His name.

I have a deep feeling Hurricane Irene will not be a very destructive hurricane to America.  And, if so, the fact it is not very destructive will be a sign that, “Winds don’t blow forever.  This too shall pass.” And “Do you no longer believe in miracles because you watch the winds and feel the earth quake? … Call to Me with righteous prayers and I will answer you.”  I simply have a feeling, I may be wrong, but I have a quiet feeling.  Many have been praying for America.  I believe those prayers are getting answered, sometimes behind the scenes.  “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 (NIV)
One last thought: you may ask when this excessively long blog post with multiple updates will eventually come to an end? I believe when the metaphorical winds in the market and economy stop for a season and have passed.

Here are excerpts from the August 21 prophecy:

Why when the winds blow and the earth shakes and I have said it will blow and blow but do not lose heart and yet you lose heart? See? Winds don’t blow forever. This too shall pass… Pray like Moses prayed. Pray like Daniel prayed. Walk like Enoch walked. Usher in My kingdom and strong arm with your praises and prayer and I will answer. You will see great and mighty miracles. Do you no longer believe in miracles because you watch the winds and feel the earth quake? I am looking for those who will climb a stairway to heaven in boldness and bring down treasures for this nation. Call to Me with righteous prayers and I will answer you,” says the Lord.

Update as of August 27, 2011 9:30 pm:

The Lord told me three times clearly this evening He wanted me to honor a brother who is praying boldly against Hurricane Irene. I am posting excerpts from two of his emails today to show a type of very bold, authoritative prayer. I also believe, as he says below, that hundreds, even thousands, are praying boldly with the authority they have been granted by Jesus Christ. I find it not a coincidence that Hurricane Irene was at one time a category 3 hurricane but is category 1 at this time. I believe the Lord is pleased by bold prayers of faith from His children and responds.

“I've been really mulling over your latest post the last few days… All to say these words just stuck out to me this morning.

“‘you can blow worry away’. As the winds are blowing, we can stand and blow them away!

“‘Pray like Moses’ - when he held up his staff and the sea parted before him.

“‘Pray like Joshua’ - when the waters of the Jordan river stood up like a heap, and when the sun stopped.

“Also, ‘You will see great and mighty miracles’...

“The only thing I can think about Moses and Joshua as they approached such great obstacles with all of Israel watching behind them was 1.) scared to death, and 2.) infused with huge boldness as they saw God start to operate and knew for sure He was with them….

“So, we know from your words that God is giving us the opportunity to blow the hurricane away. Today, I have been almost giddy praying about it, and stopping from time to time to take a deep breath and blow to the east. I think Irene is meeting some serious resistance from many hundreds of intercessors across the nation and on the east coast.”

Update as of September 14, 2011 10:30 am:

Yesterday afternoon when in prayer I had a vision update to the August 5, 2011 vision above regarding the market represented by a man who had fear like blood flowing out of him and was recovering.

In my back yard, where I often meet the Lord for more intimate time, I saw an androgynous man/woman almost passed out and lying on his/her back on the grass from being hit and beaten down. I recognized this man/woman as the same man representing the market, and by association the US economy, in my vision on August 5, 2011 and will call him/her the “market person”. I walked over to comfort the market person to help him/her to stand up. He/she was woozy and had little strength so I suggested he/she sit for a while. I sat next to him/her on the right with my left arm around him/her. I could feel slow-flowing and refreshing grace of Jesus come into him/her and he/she slowly recovered his/her strength. I had the sense if he/sat just sat there for a while and didn’t stand it would be very good and restorative for him/her. I also had the sense if he/she rose too quickly he/she might stumble or fall for lack of strength. I became aware he/she had swatches of colors all over, as if having been in a paint-ball game. The colors were red, white and blue splotches all over. It wasn’t ugly but artistically beautiful, the colors representing the United States of America. The vision ended with me prayerfully sitting next to the market person, just being there for comfort and support.

Please know I continue to intercede for America and several times a week proclaim blessings over America and its citizens and leaders. I believe that is why I saw myself in the vision being a comfort and support to the market person who, as I mentioned, also is related to the economy.

Please also see the August 21, 2011 update above with the words I received on August 21, 2011 and August 29, 2010. They are in bold to make it easier to see. Please know what I receive about the market is longer term, generally, and relates to not just the market but also the economy.