January 20, 2020

Nancy Pelosi

I heard the words from the Lord in quotes below on January 20, 2020 in the late afternoon with my friend with whom I had been praying and sharing with for about eight hours.  She wrote down the words as I spoke them.  Please know these words are her note-taking of what I was saying and may not capture everything I spoke exactly.  But it does capture the heart of what the Lord shared (I have added clarity in brackets.)  Also, I received this just before the words and vision about a Bernie Sanders and President Trump deal.

“Nancy Pelosi.  You think you are self-righteous.  You actually think you are doing right.  You do not know your feet have been snatched [in a snare, in a net].  The Lord promises He’ll get your feet out of the snare.  It will be painful, humbling, embarrassing but it is out of His love for you.  You could not see where you had gone.  You started with a heart of compassion.  You didn’t like the mafia background you came from.  You show your love in perplexing ways.  You have a problem with men, with your father.   Which is why you really hate Trump.  You don’t want to be humbled or like a little girl.  That is weak [to you].  But your people want Bernie, not your choice.  Trump is right, you are going to be exposed for what this was really all about.  Not Trump, but Bernie.  Her feet will get out of this nasty net.  Out of the web of AOC.”