April 29, 2010

The USA shall defy the sovereign debt crises and be immune from contagion

I went on my prayer walk today. It has been a while since I received a long clear word from the Lord. Since I was walking I could not write it down, but retained it in my spirit by deeply praying over the word and allowing Him to repeat it. When I write upon returning home, I continue praying until the words written are indeed the ones He has spoken in my spirit again and wants professed to the atmosphere.

I should add I also interceded again over the market, as I have done the last couple of days. On my prayer walk today I perceive in my spirit the DOW will eventually go to 14,000. This may be a couple years out, I do not know, it is is hidden from me at this time. He is having me intercede for the DOW going to 12,000 in the same manner I interceded last year for the DOW going to 10,000 based on the prophetic word He gave. So I feel I’m “back in the saddle again” with even more fervent and prophetic prayer regarding the market. Thank you for any one who prayed for me, perhaps that I why I feel an increased fervency in prayer and received this word today. So this word was birthed collectively, if you will. I do pray for you, that we each and all hear clearly, that you will have clarity on entering and existing positions. I truly wish and pray for increased, glory to glory, prosperity for you.

“The USA shall defy the sovereign debt crises. The USA shall be immune from the contagion. Yes, I see the ballooning debt, ballooning like a gargantuan bubble gum bubble. But there shall not be a market crash! Have I not said I will support the market? Have I not said my people are in America’s companies? Have I not said I am restoring the finances of my people? Do you think I am one to trick and say, “Just kidding!” ? Do not think I will trick you!

“Do not be waffling in the wind, child. The winds are blowing stronger and stronger. The earth cries out for My rising glory. The earth cries out for My sons and daughters to arise into their fullness and take control of the elements. My sons and daughters shall have dominion. There is clapping in the winds. There is rejoicing of the earth even in the storms. Turn off the news. Listen [to the news] but don’t keep listening. Tune your radio to heaven. There are songs in heaven my children must bring to earth.

“The tea partiers are coming over on the Mayflower. They are carrying May flowers of peace, flowers of my Prince of Peace. They shall tip and topple established ways through flowers of Peace. They strike with a flower. Ah, what a mighty flower! You have not seen anything like it since the 1960’s flower children. A movement of change.

“The winds shall increase. They shall buffet about. Stand firm, child. Storms shall threaten and be angry but I shall clear them. Turn off the news, child. Hold out the scepter of My word to the winds.”

Update as of May 9, 2010
Please see above, “The tea partiers… shall tip and topple established ways through flowers of Peace. They strike with a flower. Ah, what a mighty flower! You have not seen anything like it since the 1960’s flower children. A movement of change”
“After toppling three-term Republican Sen. Robert F. Bennett in Utah, tea party activists and other conservative critics shifted their sights Sunday to a mid-May primary in Kentucky, their next big challenge to a political establishment they have vowed to upend.”

Update as of November 2, 2010 10:30 pm: As Rand Paul, the tea party-backed Republican candidate in Kentucky, said this evening, "Tonight there's a tea party tidal wave." http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20101103/ap_on_el_se/us_senate

And here is another interesting quote that 40% of voters are supporters of the conservative tea party movement, "About four in 10 voters said they were worse off financially than two years ago, according to preliminary exit poll results and pre-election surveys. More than one in three said their votes were an expression of opposition to Obama. More than half expressed negative views about both political parties. Roughly 40 percent of voters considered themselves supporters of the conservative tea party movement. Less than half said they wanted the government to do more to solve problems."

The Lord said on April 29, 2010 that the tea party would actually topple the political establishment and it did happen, praise Him so, so much for the hope He is restoring tonight to America. What an incredible God, what a night of bright hope.

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