June 16, 2010

KATX - please pray KAT go to 50 cents per various revelations

Please be unified in prayer for KATX to go where the prophetic revelation is regarding this summer: 50 cents.

My personal view is that many Christians – and indeed non-Christians – may be financially hurt when the market or stocks go down in price because the vast majority are invested already and long (not short or not invested). If you pray for a stock to stay low, you are most likely praying against your brothers and sisters who had faith to buy in at a higher price when the prophecies about the stock first began. What if someone bought in at 20 cents and finds in a few weeks he has to sell for an emergency and must take almost a 50% loss? Also, praying for a stock to go lower is the opposite of a vote of confidence in the company and stock… you are asking for fear or doubt or darkness or other negative forces to be involved in that stock to drive the price lower. Now if there is a short window of a selloff in a stock and the Lord instructs now is the time to load up the truck, great! But I don’t ever pray for lower prices so I can buy. Rather, I pray for discernment when to take advantage of any selloff and thus buy. I have a friend who prays the same way, it's subtle but I think it's an important subtlety.

I’m just sharing my thoughts because I’m aware some may pray the Dow or specific stocks go lower while other Christians are praying the Dow or specific stocks go up. I think the Lord is hoping we look out for the whole team and pray in concert, in unity for ALL His children and those not yet His children. Again, this is just my personal opinion I am sharing.

I listened to the prayer call of a group from IWI on Monday and when they were praying about KATX I got the following:

When Joe prayed for the bottom I heard, “the bottom is now”. I feel an unction that many people have bought already or could buy now when it is on sale. Some have lost 50% already as they bought above 20 cents on the revelation pouring out then (I got out sense a decline was coming but I feel for those who did buy above 20 cents). I feel we need to be praying that everyone on IWI confidently “loads up the truck” the next couple of days [this was written Monday June 14] and then pray for KATX to move up sharply to 20 cents. I see an old sailing ship, like the Mayflower, and everyone’s got to get on the ship because it’s about to launch out to sea and you don’t want to be left standing on the dock when the ship leaves. This is where my heart is at and I hope I am perceiving His heart. I have seen for a couple days the cat on the 20 cent platform of the cat house stretching its back and yawning as if ready to move somewhere. It’s still sleepy. That cat could either jump up to the 50 cent level or else more slowly and climb the pole up to the 50 cent level.

Here was my own vision about KATX on May 24 which I tweeted:

I saw a cat house with 3 levels of carpeted landings for cats. The first carpeted landing was $0.20. I saw a cat climbing the post to the second carpeted landing of about $0.50. Of course I know there was the prophecy of the bicycle speed dial going to $0.50, so this was simply confirmation. But then another cat went up to $0.80, the carpeted landing at that level.

Later in the day I had more revelation about KATX at the gym. KATX I am prayerfully expecting to go to $0.50 in August and $0.80 in October. At the gym, while listening to the Bible and praying at times I saw a white placard with August written on it attached the 2nd level, at $0.50 (as if there was Velcro on the back of the placard that stuck it to the cat house). I respectfully told the Lord, “No, I would like KATX to be at $0.80 by August” and moved the placard with my right hand in my day dream / vision to the 3rd $0.80 level. But an hour later when I was meditating and praying more on this driving home, the August placard had been moved back to $0.50 and another placard stating October appeared on $0.80.

Update as of June 17, 2010 9:30 am:

Please pray and command for KATX because it is very very beaten down now, having crashed 50% from its highs. That is extreme. Everyone who believes in this company should have bought in by now. If we – by not praying for KATX – allow the company/stock to linger too much in fear/doubt/negativity, maybe the prophecies of the Lord won’t come to pass in the time frame given. Much like praying for and commanding the Dow when it’s beaten down by short-sellers and sellers. If several prayer warriors hadn't prayed and commanded the Dow, it could fall further in my opinion and take much longer to recover due to all the dark fear. I commanded constantly on behalf of the Dow last year. Not to call attention to me, but I really have spent hours and hours and hours and hours and hours interceding for and commanding the stock market since last year. We have to please use our faith wisely, for building up and not tearing down either a stock or the market. If someone is praying for KATX to stay low or go low, that type of prayer undermines the insights from the Lord given to several. I know He told one individual it would go to 12 cents, to maybe encourage that individual on his prophetic hearing and also to buy. But it’s time for the strong intercessors to start praying in agreement with the Lord to take KATX to 50 cents or I believe we may be irresponsible in shirking our duty. If we are irresponsible about shirking our duty and not praying in line with the revelation then I have no idea what will happen with KATX… “all bets could be off” on time frames, levels, etc. Look at the Dow. Val did a very powerful commanding prayer 3 days ago on Monday over the DOW as did Jocelyn, and Carl a few days before. And others seemed to be agreeing in spirit but were quiet and didn’t interrupt who was leading the prayer. That is powerful, so powerful. Is anyone doing that for KATX? I sense the direction of KATX is in limbo now and at a critical point. Do we really want it to go UP as the Lord is indicating? Or do we want it to stay at this level or even go lower so we can seemingly scoop up more profit… in which case there might not be such profit after all because it might be a long time in recovering. Just my concern because sometimes the words of the Lord are conditional… and those who receive the word in their spirits and are strong intercessors/kings must unequivocally align with God’s clear word in prayer and faith. Thank you.

Update as of August 29, 2010 10pm:

As much as I have believed this vision was only about KATX and not BVIG, the fact there were two cats does lead me to believe the $0.50 and $0.80 could be regarding BVIG (the Handcamp property which was part of KATX and moved to Kat Gold Holdings, now trading as BVIG) or the combination of KATX and BVIG. We shall see.

Update as of September 13, 2010 11:30am:

During the week of Sept 6, 2010, I saw the above vision from August 29 again and then the 5th and 6th fireworks of LBSR. I saw the 6th fireworks of LBSR go up in the air and then fall like a dying shooting star into the open and ready mouth of a young tiger (Kat Exploration, KATX). The young tiger then leaped up in the air. Note: I believe there will be 3 jumps in WOLV according to the initial vision and then a 9/6 word (“Bam! Bam! Bam! Triple, Wolverine, Triple!" could be like LBSR "Pop! Pop!" fireworks. Triple fireworks BAM! in WOLV rather than triple price) and a song on 9/13 (about WOLV jumping 3 times & struck the ground 3 times with an imaginary staff.) I believe one jump in WOLV happened from 9/2-9/7, after the 4th fireworks of LBSR fell on 9/2. I also believe 5 fireworks have happened so far in LBSR (8/10-8/13, 8/19-8/20, 8/25, 8/30-8/31, 9/3-9/7) and 1 more will happen before the KATX young tiger leaps up.

Update as of October 1, 2010 9pm:

Unusual coincidence just now. Was listening to Kim Clement TV (Sept 30; 18min) and just as Kim was saying, “To think I’m at the right place at the right time for the right reason in the right season…” and while listening I happened to go to the KATX investorshub.com site and clicked on the link below. My eyes skipped partway down to this sentence in the due diligence on KATX, “KAT seems to me to be the right company in the right place at the right time.” Very unusual coincidence when Kim was actually saying, “right… right… right” I’m reading AT THE SAME TIME “right… right… right…” about KATX on the link below. Now maybe my human mind found the “right” words in the text as I was hearing Kim say several “right” words. That’s an aspect of the human mind to search for and see patterns and connections. But the fact I clicked on this link at the exact moment when Kim was talking about rights and then read about rights makes me think, well, there’s something right about KATX.


Update as of October 26, 2010 on KATX, WOLV and LBSR:

Important time frames I have had for KATX/KATG are October (although last month I saw fall colors around the highest cat house level which means the October may be delayed into Thanksgiving season) as well as after the 6th fireworks of LBSR which happened 9/28-10/1. So KATX/KATG are still poised for rising. I hold KATX and will be receiving KATG shares. When considering KATX prophecies please know they may apply to KATX and KATG combined as most of us will be receiving KATG shares from our initial KATX purchase.

WOLV indeed shot up like a little rocket, although a smaller rocket that I had expected or hoped for, from 9/2-9/7 right after the 4th fireworks of LBSR fell down on 9/2 per the prophecy and surprising me with being exactly the same date (9/2). I hold WOLV and am still am awaiting the 2nd and 3rd jumps in WOLV. This may be a longer hold than I hoped for and now I know not to judge how big a “little rocket” should be because I would have had a nice 50% profit if I had sold on 9/7!

I just tweeted, “LBSR has had its 6 fireworks and bounced off lows of ~3c (9-27-10 tweet). Believe it will go to ~6c. Still don't see another fireworks soon.” On September 27, 2010 I had tweeted, “I believe LBSR will fall to about 3cents after a small 6th fireworks (there have been 5). Still praying if I have heard His Spirit on this.” LBSR had the 6 fireworks during these times: 8/10-8/13, 8/19-8/20, 8/25, 8/30-8/31, 9/3-9/7, and 9/28-10/1.

Update as of December 27, 2010 11:00am:

I tweeted that I sold my WOLV today and bought more KATX at 3.5 cents. Also, the 50 cents in August and 80 cents in October I saw in my May 24, 2010 vision could have applied to BVIG (Kat Gold Holdings) which traded quite a bit at those levels through October 2010 (at that time, BVIG had not been announced and no one knew BVIG would be purchased to become Kat Gold Holdings). Finally, last night as I was dozing off to sleep I heard again the "Blackwater" song from the Doobie Brothers, "catfish are jumpin'..." which I heard last month. Then I remembered many months ago (on June 18, 2010) I saw a gold coin in a fish's mouth, a coin that would help people pay down their debt such as mortgage debt in my case. Words from that little line in the song kept playing a few times very slowly in my mind last night, "Cat... fish... cat... fish.... CAT... FISH...." and I saw a coin in the fish's mouth again and remembered my vision. Please know I don't have any timing on this. And please be prayerful in your own investing decisions.

Update as of April 7, 2011 6:00 pm:

I am still holding my large position in KATX. Today the Lord said more than once on my prayer walk, “A cat has 9 lives”. I asked Him what that meant and He told me to search via wiki. I didn’t realize the 9 lives has to do with a cat not being severely injured after falling from great heights. Certainly KATX has fallen from great heights.

Cats are known to survive close calls because of their superb reflexes, and because they can twist in mid-air to land on their feet. Some people believe… that cats have nine lives, because cats can survive falls from high places with few, if any injuries. This gives the appearance that the cats return to life after sustaining a fatal accidents. Granted, they may sustain minor injuries, such as bloody noses, cracked teeth, or a few broken ribs, but they live to recover. The ability of the cat to survive these accidents that would kill humans or other animals is not due to multiple lives, but to several advantages they possess. Their small size and low body weight soften the impact as they make contact with the ground after falling from great heights.

Update as of April 19, 2011 11:30am:
KATX is at a penny as I write. I never pray for a company’s pps to go down so I can be opportunistic and buy. Last night in a prophetic prayer I took a sledge hammer and prophetically smashed all the dreams and visions that want to take KATX to sub-penny. I love my fellow prophetic friends, but I simply can’t agree with the sub-penny visions. I used to war this way over the stock market and economy in 2009 and 2010 as well, coming against other visions and dreams of others that saw the economy crashing. I took my rightful authority (because of the faith and prophecies He gave me about the stock market and economy) over those prophecies that were in stark disagreement. A battle of prophesies, if you will. Well, the stock market didn’t go down where other prophets thought it would. The market ROSE to first 10,000 (which I prophesied in May 2009 saying the market would “hop, skip and jump” to 10,000) and then 12,000 (which I also prophesied in April 2010), just as the Lord said, and I believed Him!! I’m sharing not to boast but to say I’m disappointed by prophetic people speaking bad things over companies and the economy when the Lord has spoken good things about those very same to me and others who have the courage and vision to believe Him. He is on the throne, He is good, He is merciful, and He is resurrecting and redeeming despite the evil all around that will always be all around as long as this world exists. I know I’m sounding strong, but there is a spiritual battle going on. I don’t believe the Lord is pleased when prophetic people profit at the expense of others, that’s what the world does. What is all this awful sub-penny talk regarding KATX? Maybe KATX will die a sad death and go to mid sub-penny without prayer. That is very possible without prayer. But on my watch I will pray and war and do everything possible so it hovers around a penny and then goes up. I will keep fighting not just for pps but for the CEO, for the employees, for all the stockholders. If God wants to warn us about a company to stay away, fine. But if He seems to be drawing us to a company then let us please pray responsibly. Let us intercede. How we deal with small matters is how we will deal with large matters. I will prophesy this, which has been said before, "Do not think in your heart that you will escape… any more than all the other[s]…. For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise… from another place, but you… will [suffer]. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?" Esther 4:13-14 (NKJV)

Update as of April 21, 2011 11:30am:
I need to comment on my update two days ago. The sub-penny talk has been happening in the last couple of weeks, when KATX had started trading under 2 cents, from a number of sources. A prophetic friend saw sub-penny. I myself saw 0.9 cents and this repeated in my mind throughout the last couple of weeks. I shared with that prophetic friend that 1.3 cents was very strong in my spirit and then I saw 0.9 cents after that. And I subsequently did read some prophetic posts about sub-penny. So several of us, including myself, were seeing sub-penny. But this week something changed in me and I decided not to accept the sub-penny revelations, which included my very own.

To explain my response this week to sub-penny, sometimes I come against visions and words that I myself receive. At the end of December 2010 I heard clearly to sell KATX at 3 cents and buy at 1.5 cents so I own all the shares I had wanted, which was double what I had at the time. But I did not sell at 3 cents. Instead, I deleted what I heard from my journal, and I prayed strongly against it. I heard but I didn’t come into agreement with it, even though I believe what I heard was from the Lord. I’m simply sharing this about me. I admit I sometimes do this to a fault and hurt myself, but at least I know I’m praying for what I see and believe for in the long-term. I would have indeed been able to buy double at 1.5 cents as it did come to pass. I admitted also saw 0.9 cents a couple weeks ago. My own vision of 0.9 I did smash with the sledge hammer two days ago. Sometimes the Lord does show me things to intercede and pray against those very things. Sometimes it’s hard to discern if a vision or word will absolutely happen or it simply might happen without intercessory and prophetic prayer. So, even if I personally suffer loss in the short-term, if I’m upholding the long-term prophecy in prayer then I feel best about that.

The Lord gave me multiple words and clues yesterday to buy the remaining KATX I wanted to buy yesterday, but I didn’t. It’s up over 30% today. It’s being up today makes me happy and I don’t have any regret for not buying yesterday, I simply bought fewer shares first thing this morning. I’m glad the stock is moving up!

Last night I had an unusual time being with Jesus. It was amazing, His realness and all-knowing caring was so present and alive. Sometimes even I think I’m off-track when in the natural I suffer loss, such as KATX being a penny or my other private company not (yet) paying its shareholders. But He showed me a few times how the carnal man will judge worth based on today’s market value, and miss out on a great increase in the future simply because he didn’t hold on to his dream and vision through the tough times. He reminded me of a real estate investor I met about 20 years ago who was despondent because he lost $1M on a piece of commercial property he owned. Jesus indicated that property was worth $4M-$5M more now. There were many other things Jesus shared, but they were personal to me. In essence, His love was so tangible, so real. But it wasn’t the kind of love that indulged me and my wants. He wasn’t going to pamper me. Rather, He wanted to stretch my faith spiritually, for me really to live by faith and not by natural eyesight. It was the kind of love that knew what was best for me and for others, something that affected a greater good and more profoundly fulfilled me. When I started understanding what He was doing to my person in my time with him, I had a vision where I was at the front door of my home and a few children from other parts of the world showed up. I let them in and they wanted to just thank me for donating (to a ministry such as Compassion International) to help them and give them an education. I was moved my small contribution touched lives in this way. Then I looked outside and there was a long line of fifty or more children down my walkway waiting to say a small thank you. My emotions were so moved I couldn’t continue in the vision any more. I knew the money I had given came from my investments. Everyone Christian I know has great visions and dreams to help the world. Mine was not unique. What was important for me was His love, indicating He was in the midst of what is going on in KATX and indeed elsewhere, and many people will be affected as we unite in faith and prayer for a greater good. I’m human and full of faults, as my prophetic friends know. Sometimes it takes Jesus to nudge me to look beyond and see further. So I apologize, again, if I hurt anyone by my update two days ago. Please know I took the hammer to my own 0.9 cents vision and am even today taking the hammer to more of my visions that aren’t going in the direction I believe He wants things to go (today I’ve been smashing 1.5 cents through 2 cents as well as prices below 1.5 cents). Maybe KATX will languish at 1.5 cents. Maybe it will get beaten down again. But I just want to keep pushing it up in prayer. And I’m now aware from an email to me yesterday that MANY other prophetic Christians are interceding for KATX and have weekly prayer calls. Eventually all these prayers will move mountains of dirt and reveal subsurface treasures now hidden.

Update April 25, 2012 3:30pm:
I tweeted on April 14, 2012,  “Know that to get the BVIG (Kat Gold) "spinoff" shares you had to have held KATX on Dec 21, 2011: http://www.otcmarkets.com/edgar/GetFilingHtml?FilingID=8545356” and on April 15, “Until the KATX spinoff of BVIG S-1 is declared effective by SEC I am not selling. The record date needs to be approved in my understanding.”  If the SEC declares effective the S-1 and there are no changes, then my understanding is KATX will be essentially a shell company and simply own just under 12% of BVIG.  Assuming a record date of December 21, 2011, my understanding is those who owned settled stock as of that date will receive BVIG shares.  Although holding KATX the last two years has been very discouraging to say the least, I am still hoping that those who bought KATX as I did and held will be rewarded through BVIG.  

Assuming the S-1 is declared effective by the SEC, BVIG will have the more notable assets from KATX, including the Handcamp gold claims and Global Gold Inc.  Please read the BVIG S-1 filed on April 13:

On April 23 I tweeted that I changed my mind and sold some of my KATX, “I sold some of my KATX today. If BVIG spinoff happens w/ record date of 12/21/11 I will own BVIG. I'm ready to move on and not own KATX.”  I have since sold the majority of my holdings and, unless there is new information from BVIG or KATX, will not be buying back into KATX.

Also, I want to sincerely apologize to those prophetic friends who saw KATX go to below a penny, particularly Brian.  They were right and I was wrong!  I do believe, though, that one should pray in accordance with how they spiritually see.  I even prayed against my own insights that KATX would go to subpenny.  The reason KATX went to subpenny appears to have been because something was unfolding behind the scenes that was not disclosed publicly until well after the fact, that KATX was planning to move assets into BVIG and to spin those assets off from KATX (apparent in the BVIG S-1).  How KATX shareholders would eventually be compensated was quite uncertain in this whole process, and is still uncertain until the S-1 is declared effective.  After this experience I will likely still stay the course with BVIG, however, I regret getting involved in a penny stock which did not give shareholders the transparency I would have expected.  This will likely be the last penny stock I ever blog or tweet about because even though I have long-term confidence in the promising insights I and many others have seen and heard, penny stocks are far too volatile and risky for my taste!