June 7, 2010

A word about prophetic investing as well as the Dow

I received the first two paragraphs of this word yesterday. I wanted to keep praying over it, if it sat in my spirit like a word from the Lord. It did. I received the second half just now. I feel the liberty to post:

“Dow, Dow, why do you cry? Why have you fallen and slumped like a child who has been beaten? I have not beaten you. Arise. I will cover you. You shall not cower.

“One day you shall be 12. 12,000. But you shall grow up slower because there are forces who want to put you back a grade. But I am not done cleansing America.

“There will be trouble and there will be grace. This is a time of prospering for my children. Only they know where to cast their nets and pull up fish. They shall be a witness to Me that only I provide. Neither flesh nor blood nor labor nor skill can make a man stand. I alone give breath. My son alone gives life. All you need is a few investments, a handful of seeds I tell you are true seeds, seeds I will grow and grow and grow if you believe and pray. You cannot watch seeds grow so do not lose heart.

“Do not look to here and there and everywhere to invest. Look to Me and I will tell you what seeds have life in them. Here is a saying: seeds must be planted in the ground and not disturbed to grow. Here is wisdom: fishing and farming feed now and tomorrow. Fish for the week’s catch, farm for tomorrow’s storehouse. Learn from Joseph in Egypt, he fed a nation. Fish will spoil. Seeds will grow and grow and grow.”