May 5, 2010


I had no idea how hard prophesying would be, how it would stretch me in ways that are sometimes painful. I have been a student in Kim Clement’s School of the Prophet over the past year, to give him honor, and also support his ministry. Kim is teaching the third course in a series. If you are interested, the courses are Perceptions, Revelation and Destiny at He also teaches a Bible study (I believe it is called, The Matrix) and on May 4, 2010 taught regarding the spirit of python which is divided thinking and wavering, not being steadfast in believing the Lord’s word (see and search for the date).

When I am prophesying and other prophets or Christians are speaking in the opposite direction or at least not actively supportive, you realize the importance of friends. The ones who go out of their way to support you through prayer or through agreement in their spirit – both of which are so powerful. I went back on another Christian investing website the last few weeks when I started doubting my prophecies and wavering. I had not read postings on that forum since spring 2009. I cried in surprise and overwhelming gratitude when I read there were actually a few people who read my blog and supported me by their spirits aligning with the prophecies. Also, the fact that there are fellow prophets and Christ-followers of this blog (I assume they might be members of that private forum as well) makes me so overwhelmingly grateful as well. I want to give a very deep and heartfelt thank you with tears in my eyes to the few who are supporting me. I didn’t realize I need you but I do, thank you.

I hope it is not weakness in me to say I can feel my spirit stirred with additional life from your support, that I can pray with more fervency and yielding commitment, with your support. I am incognito at this time because the Lord wants it that way for now. It is not about me but the Lord and to honestly and truly try to hear what He is saying about the market so others may prosper. I understand what Kim Clement shares, that when he first was called to prophesy he didn’t really want the calling. I wrestle time to time with wanting to shut my mouth and do something else because the burden is so great, I must hear correctly because other people’s money is at stake. But the Lord keeps bringing me back to interceding for and prophesying about the market. It is the field He has given me to plow even though sometimes plowing and throwing the rocks out of the field is not easy labor. So I am so very, very grateful for your friendship and want to thank you so very, very, very much. I really do pray for you, I hope He blesses your socks off, beyond the dreams you can see!!