October 26, 2010

Summary of prophecies: DOW to 12000, warming economy, some political leaders toppled and judged

Accountability in the prophetic world is very important to me. I believe prophetic voices should consider a published, public track record of prophecies to provide evidence whether or not a prophecy has come to pass. Of course, many times it will be years before a prophecy comes to pass. Also, the Lord can change His mind in response to prayers and decisions of men, as happened with King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah (2 Kings 20) or Nineveh and the prophet Jonah. Finally, a prophecy may be misinterpreted so one believes it has not come to pass but in fact it has, or it has happened behind the scenes (like a cure for a disease) but is not yet public record. For my own accountability, and because this blog is getting longer than I ever expected, I have summarized some key prophecies regarding the stock market, American economy and American politics.

Speaking when the climate of opinions is in polar opposite to the prophetic word is a signature of the Lord. Please see the Lord spoke the following well before anyone in the secular or prophetic arenas shared these specific opinions, at least I never heard a specific secular or prophetic opinion at the time of the prophecy which was in agreement. I do discard vague generalities that, like a fortune cookie (not that believers should read fortune cookies), can be interpreted many ways or are so broad-brushed that its coming to pass is a statistical high probability. Please know this is the measure I hold to myself in the field that I plow. I simply want to be a better farmer in my field.

Summary of when the Lord spoke:
1) Back on September 29, 2009 that the DOW would be going to 12,000.
2) On February 12, 2010, May 16, 2010, June 27, 2010 and September 16, 2010 as well as other dates that He will uphold the stock market and it will not utterly crash (but will correct).
3) Back on February 19, 2009, and again on September 2, 2010, that the economy would warm up.
4) Back on April 29, 2010 that the tea party would actually topple the political establishment. I have learned Kim Clement also prophesied about the tea party on April 16, 2010.
5) Back on April 29, 2010 and again on September 16, 2010 that Americas leaders will be toppled and judged.

The DOW, thus far, has reached a high of over 11,200 yesterday. If you revisit the prophetic words, you will also see the DOW rose more slowly than I initially heard and believed on September 29, 2009 regarding the timing of the DOW going to 12,000 by April 2010. The Lord clarified the DOW would rise more slowly in the March 12, 2010 and May 19, 2010 words. I am standing on His word He will uphold the stock market, it will correct but not crash, and the DOW is headed to 12,000.

The economy is indeed warming according to not just the stock market but also other economic indicators.

And the November elections will be telling if many political leaders in the political establishment are toppled.

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Update as of November 2, 2010 10:30 pm: As Rand Paul, the tea party-backed Republican candidate in Kentucky, said this evening, "Tonight there's a tea party tidal wave." http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20101103/ap_on_el_se/us_senate

And here is another interesting quote that 40% of voters are supporters of the conservative tea party movement, "About four in 10 voters said they were worse off financially than two years ago, according to preliminary exit poll results and pre-election surveys. More than one in three said their votes were an expression of opposition to Obama. More than half expressed negative views about both political parties. Roughly 40 percent of voters considered themselves supporters of the conservative tea party movement. Less than half said they wanted the government to do more to solve problems."

The Lord said on April 29, 2010 that the tea party would actually topple the political establishment and it did happen, praise Him so, so much for the hope He is restoring tonight to America. What an incredible God, what a night of bright hope.

Here are the original words:

Update as of January 26, 2011: The DOW to 12,000 prophesy was fulfilled January 24, 2011. The DOW reached within 20 points of 12,000 on January 24 and broke through 12,000 on January 26. Please know the prophecy was fulfilled on January 24, 2011 because numbers are always approximate, not exact.